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    I reckon aids would black list me in about 3.5 of those points... The half is for the tiger one as I reckon I'm at least good enough for tier 5 nowadays.
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    Nothing like going back home pleasantly drunk in the wee hours to the tune of the blackbirds waking up…
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    Probably the first reward of Personal Missions 2.0. Makes more than sense, IMO. Its very fitting for that.
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    Golden pubbie moment... T95 asks in countdown if he's blue. He wasn't. Says sweet. Shoots a 45%er. 'How about now?' Love it.
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    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    No prob. It's the internet. It was made for miscommunication.
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    Do you EVEN 90?

    I was on the fence for buying this tank, but decided to do it. I am so glad that I did. I like to play my light tanks, and this thing is amazing to play. So small that it is so easy to hide in misc. bushes and indentations of the terrain. The clip size is good enough to act as a little assassin - striking from the bushes. I took the advice mentioned earlier in this thread and run binocs on it - damn it is nice to burn through the camouflage of other light tanks when they try to sneak into a bush. This is quickly becoming my go-to tank for when I dont want to take the game too seriously and just want to relax.
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    Stats page

    You will notice that both other posts have not had their issue fixed and I am asking for help in this matter, your message is of no help to anyone and makes you look ignorant.