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    Pretty sure this is just a retired tank from Florida, which will drive 10mi under the speed limit in the passing lanes and curse you out for asking how their day is going
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    The return of Province

    I saw Stanlock play Province. He almost managed to drive out of base in his Super Conq before he died
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    O-Ho Appreciation Thread

    I enjoy marking these weird novelty tanks and I feel like I should be able to do it. Marking with the 100mm just defeats the purpose of this tank and it would feel as about as much of an accomplishment as marking the 260 platooned with 2 arty. That said, I finally successfully completed my mission. Was bumping around in the mid-90s for quite a while, I think the influx of spaghetti tanks did help pushing it over the edge.
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    Guy's i stopped looking at tanks GG for this tank. I checked ingame directly in training room and they completely scraped any armor changes. Shoulder is still trash, mantlet around gun is still trash (even head on). LFP and mid plate is the exact same. @Katoleras Edit: Picture
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    The return of Province

    Nice, finally a map where I can lose 60% of my health to camping tds after peeking, then sit behind a moderately tall building while clickers slowly splash all my remaining hp away, can't wait to play it!
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    So much of what has been said is just figuring out the meta of each map. They play pretty predictably 80% of the time I'd say. Helps to know the win % of a given tank too, but if you run vanilla, you don't get that information. Just paying attention, and having a very short debrief at the end of every game that's more than "omg my team is retarded" gets you a lot of places. What did you do that worked well, what didn't. Did any enemy really do anything you should have been surprised by? Probably not, so how can you deal with it faster and better next time? For me, my best was playing around 3k recent, I think I could have pushed to 4k if I had wanted, but I just loved being aggressive. Even hitting 2.5k is a challenge in my current situation, I maybe try to get 1 or 2 doubles a few times a month. It can be 6 months inbetween games for me. The maps aren't really changing a ton right now, but the meta, I mean it always felt stagnant, but it does change from time to time, I can tell you that. I will get punished hard for getting early shots from a specific spot, or whatever. Still, there are general placements, or rules, that allow you to do better or worse.
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