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    To be frankly the most honest I can: This game mode feels like what I thought WOT would be like when I started playing it
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    and it wasn't made by WG, thats the funny thing.
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    I get the occasional troll bounce off of my gun mantlet, but otherwise the M60 armor is only worth a 50/50 vs tier 8s shooting AP. On the other hand, driving past RU meds and making autoaim snapshots while driving full speed = priceless. Also, 350 HEAT suddenly makes a certain OP russian TD a lot less OP.
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    So after some games in it I noticed that practically you have a tank with 5 degrees of gun depression, that can use sometime 6 and almost never 7. So never go with the idea of using its full gun depression. Play it relying only on the turret and on sidescraping and you are golden. You bully tanks trough the turret and fantastic sidearmour.