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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    yeah thats not even close to being enough IMO.
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    Basically why this mode is good breaks down to: 40%: all tier 8, no +/-2 tier difference garbage where you're expected to waste half your time being low tier fodder so some mouth breather gets to feel good. This also diminishes the role of gold ammo which is another garbage game mechanic WG won't give up. 20%: lots of room to maneuver, which adds some strategy and thought while evening out the classes more than standard chokepointfest games. I dare say a (good) light tank is even good in this mode. 20%: respawns and repair bays, which remove a lot of frustration where one bad roll can ruin your game and as a result every one hides because moving is so dangerous. 20%: low rate of arty play. Go back to a regular tier 8 and get hit as much in 5 minutes as you do in 30 minutes of frontline. I played my friend's account since he had a tier 8 arty and it was stupid easy, so I expect the bads to gravitate towards it over time, unfortunately, so this factor will likely diminish. I found I didn't do a ton of damage and get much XP, but it still leveled ranks quickly. It's also so easy to land hits in this mode because of the cap objective, I literally only missed 2/24 shots. Did about 250 damage per hit overall plus the stun, and we're talking a weak crew and no food. But yeah, WG's kinda painted itself into a corner, this mode just points out everything we've been saying for years is right. I've been playing 2 hours of frontline a day since the start and it's been pretty chill, my sanity can't reliably withstand a full hour of regular tanks. Open the mode to tier 5+ and Remove Arty From the Game, 100% better than old tanks.
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    whenever i look at the 268 V4, i imagine WG looking at the T110E3 and saying "what if it was Russian and could go 55kp/h?" and thats how the V4 was born
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    imho still won't be balanced. They need to nerf the reverse speed instead of the forward speed. That way it makes it a pain in the arse to pull back if you overextend. Oh boy the amount of times I've bounced because I miss the lower lower plate and hit the underside.... nice meme. edit: Also would rather a 20mm nerf to the side armour over a 20mm nerf to cupolas. Fucking bullshit side armour nonsense making tier 8s have trouble penning from the side while flat.
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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    Its only a nerf on paper to appease some of the hate
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    Wargaming could instantly spike up the sale of tier 8 tanks if they made Frontline permanent.
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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    Too slight a nerf to hurt the tank.
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    great map no flaws perfect design Frozen ship angled at 90 degrees WeeGee perfect company (1.0 was a mistake)