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    Madner Kami

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    You are assuming that their messure of success is the same as yours. You want a balanced game that you enjoy. They want your money. Those are two very different goals that may align, but don't have to.
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    Totally forgot I still had this gem in a spam folder Zepherex,You have been given a warning by moderator.Reason: Perma - Misc----------------------------------Dear User,Your account has been permanently suspended for serious offenses of our legal documentation.Please contact Support with any questions or concerns that you may have.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.The NA Moderation Team
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    Must be using Siggy-tato to generate the Sigs Ok its done. Updating instantly now.
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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    It's clear you never worked in a large company if you think it's impossible for an entire department to be run by idiots. Using your logic Kodak had run its company to the ground on purpose resisting the technology of digital cameras they invented on their own, Nokia resisted going with Android. You are very naive. You are in for a harsh reality check unless you are very lucky in life or have a very specific job. Most people are either bad at their jobs or unmotivated, many competent people at big companies are not listened too if there is an incompetent person leading a team. Also if a company contineously makes the same mistakes, over and over then they are idiots. Also obj 268v4 is broken even in non corrior map meta. It's less broken but it's still 10x better than every other TD out there, better than most heavies and quite a few meds.
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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    I feel like WG is heading for the "shitty to play and shitty to play against" direction once again.
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    Object 268 is done!
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    iz 268v4 in trouble? This week on WG's cash making journey.
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    Murazor Q&A

    If this was his attempt to clean himself from shitty changes that happened to the game he failed miserably. I don't even play the game anymore and most of his "answers" triggered me. Fucking thickheaded shitlord.
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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    He will just flank the knight. Murazors signature move. Gg ez
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    Madner Kami

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    I'd like to take this tool, give him a tea-spoon and then pit him in an arena against a fully plated knight on a plated horse. Once he manages to defeat said knight with the spoon, he can go back to his job as he may have learned a valueable lesson. If not, he gets a soup-spoon, but has to face a horse archer this time around.
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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    This tank is literally the reason I quit playing. They should buff it so more people get smart and quit :^)