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    It's pretty self-explanatory. Just think of something you do and gatekeep our fellow World of Tanks players with phrases that start with "You're not a real world of tanks player until you've..." Bonus points for the incredibly absurd. I'll start with a few examples and idk maybe I'll think of more when I wake up. You're not a real world of tanks player until you: Say "fuck arty" after being hit by arty lose all your hp at the start of the game click every single square of the minimap do 0 damage on a would be 3 mark game install xvm uninstall xvm Kill an enemy at the start of the game blind stock grind a tier 9 load full gold and premium consumables Get ambushed by a td in a retarded position rage at all your camping pubbies on the 1/2 line spam click the minimap lead the lemming train accidentally drown after missing fully aimed shots start taking snapshots because nothing actually matters add your entire team to your blacklist
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    not a real world of tanks player until you've sold your account
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    It is hard to get kamikazes or reset battle buddies on your side after all
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    Quit playing world of tanks Play world of tanks again Quit again
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    Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

    Use your mobility to impact the map. Contest early game valued areas, rotate to pressure advantages (almost always better than to reinforce weaknesses), and your camo on the move to gather as much information as possible for you. (Your team doesnt make use of it)
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    Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

    Usually the vehicle threads talk about the strengths and weakness of a tank, give tips on how to play it or offer replays showing good games, tragic errors or something amusing. This thread is shitty enough to belong on the official forums.
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    Then I'm not a real wot player Instead I say "kurwa mać" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-unV9Ax2eg
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    You're not a real WoT player until you're #1 on WN8 across all servers You're not a real WoT player until you've lowrolled on RNG and the game is lost as a result You're not a real WoT player until you have a favourite tank to play You're not a real WoT player until you've flipped your tank in CW You're not a real WoT player until you subtlely understand that you're an addict and that you can't quit You're not a real WoT player until you needed to carry and you flipped your tank
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    The 1000xp Raw Carry Thread

    @Ezz are you proud of me?
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    Until you've pointed your gun in front of arty to make the game a better place for everyone.
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    ... until you've 3 marked your STB-1
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    Tortellini or Ravioli?

    Meat pie. Cause Strayan pasta.
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    Hey presto, you can now create your own forum sigs. For real. There's two catches The stats won't auto update, the only way to refresh the sig is to regenerate it (https://mmrngluck.azurewebsites.net/ForumSigGenerator.aspx). The site doesn't yet save your customisation settings - so you'll have to hand-set it each time - that will be my next thing to build. In due course I'll save the settings, and at that point I can auto-refresh the sigs as the stats change. This is just an initial release - so limited background images. What I'm planning on doing is letting people upload a background file of their choice. In a moment I'll post a guide for Siggy so that he also knows how to use the sig generator. To get the URL of your sig, just generate it and copy the URL - it won't change.
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    On Allchat

    Warthunder still has all-chat and it's amazing. So much salt even though i never talk. Wot all-chat used to be pretty lit as well. I miss all the rage about "invisible cheater" or people ranting about gold rounds and throwing out racial slurs (to which you could report with your platoon and get them chat banned) lol. People are way too sensitive over stuff said IN TEXT over the internet; which is pretty fucking sad. More screenshots to follow: Plus lack of all-chat hasn't stopped me or anyone else from talking shit regardless
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    How to balance the 268-4?

    This tank is basically the old Foch 155 but instead of having the ability to clip you out in 5 seconds no matter who you are, it just bullies you into submission because you can't kill it. The 268 4 is like a gulag while the Foch was more of a guillotine.
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    Madner Kami

    Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

    The Rhm is a light tank that occupies a niche currently not needed in the game. It's a long range sniper support scout. It's fast, probably the fastest of the T10 lights, has a highly accurate and high penetration gun with decent alpha, but meh DPM. It's ability to hit anything on the move is non-existant and the camo of the tank, while nothing to sneer at, just does not allow it to get to advanced positions and make effective use of it's most important asset, it's gun, at the same time.
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    Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

    I don't see anything for this yet... Please buff I like to play it a lot but I hate how I can't be of any use to my team if it folds within the first 3 minutes of a game