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    WG's EULA Changes NA

    I just remember back in the day how a game developer averaging 35 million dollars a day on microtransactions not only tried to list on the Cyprus stock exchange (and ended up on the emerging market) but once they did they fucked their financials so bad that they got de-listed despite being a promising company. They were just sloppy and didnt give a shit. A company opens up for public interest and it should be one of the game-changers for the company whether it sinks or swims. I've seen companies opt out of the market but a company that generated close to a billion dollars a year with 1600 employees and 20 offices is a pretty good one getting _shut down_ means someone clearly fucked up. The story of WG: We Fuck Up But Who Gives A Shit LMAO You Agreed To The EULA You Fucking Dipshit - A documentary
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    Panther G (Tamiya 1/35)

    Time for some more v.i.p pictures! After seeing Kunjuros nice looking Tiger I in winter camo I wanted to try that technique myself. So, here's what I have now, a mighty Panther G! Next step will be re-gluing all those tiny photoetch that I rubbed off and then start some detailpainting, inside of hatches and exhaustsystem. In the end this model will be in diorama so suspension and tracks are done after the model sits in a base. Any comments, advices and critisims is welcomed.
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    Madner Kami

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    It'll brew a while and then explode into everyone's face a year or two down the line, once they decide to bone-headedly force their broken vision and people react to it. The question is, who is going to have the longer breath? Will the players band together and force WG into backing down (lol @ the EULA disallowing class action law suits; I am no law expert, but I am fairly certain that such a clause, if not outright illegal, would rather blow up in the face of the one who wrote it into the EULA and tries to enforce it at court) or will WG "succeed" and all the prominent voices will just go silent and move on, along with pretty much everyone who has a passion for the game, consequentially just hastening the slow decline that the game's community is already on (not helped by the fact, that the vocal minority seems to just be increasingly exhausted and either apathetic or just plainly gone already). Either way, the game is going to be profitable for them for, at the very least, another five years or more. The simple and sad fact is, that 99% of the players just do not care about anything other than hitting the battle button 10 times a day, which WG so very clearly has understood just way too good. I find it funny, how they backed themselves into a corner in that regard. It has been clear for a while now, that all the tanks need some rebalancing and this matter only got more pressing with their release of recent tanks and the changes they already implemented to the T10s and T9s. Currently, T8 is just flat out the bitch-tier. It doesn't shit on the tiers below as much as the tiers above do and a T8 has a high likelyhood to be the whipping boy for the T9s and T10s. All the while, T8 is designed to be the most heavily played tier by a huge margin. Yet they drag their feet about rebalancing. Sure, there's the Caern here or an uberpowerful new T8 tank there, but even those just further emphasize how utterly incapable they seem to be in both understanding and acknowledging what is fucking things up and how much dragging their feet is damaging things even further down the tiers by consequence. Obviously, their rebalancing has to include the prefMM-tanks rather sooner than later, as they are the prime-money earners within the prime-money earning tier and given the direction they choose with their T10 and T9 balances, these tanks are in an increasingly stupid place. They were already not as powerful as regular T8s, but now and somewhen in the near future, they'll just be even less competative, between more powerful tanks and the matchmaker-changes forcing them to be bottom-tier. Unless they want to just down-tier them to 7 and give them regular matchmaking, which they kinda have to do if they do not want to touch the pref-MMs' stats themselves, they simply have to buff or change them. There's just no way around it. (Though I do have to point out, that the player-base needs to realize this and be civil about it as well. It simply is a necessity, even if you'd force +1/-1MM...) But hey, you could face these realities like an adult and go about fixing them or you can drag your feet and pretend everything bad happening as a result of your own actions is somebody or something else's fault.
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    Gigabit Internet achieved
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    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Correct, in which case S.25 in its entirety would be considered null and void, where S.24 will guide all legal proceedings as normal. Edit: looks to me they basically just merged the current ToS with the current EULA and called it a day. The relevant bits are identical to the new EULA. Which means everyone has already agreed them all since 2016. http://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/terms-of-service/ ToS parts In short, much ado about nothing.
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    https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/06/01/chimera-nerf/ No shit sherlock. What did they expect would happen?
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    What do you use when adding dust? Pigments, washes or something else? Tracks are looking really good, I like how you've got them dusty but still kept all the details visible. Did you do pinwashes to the hull?
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    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Just another dickmove by WG but luckily that EULA doesn't have that much of real power and it certainly wouldn't allow WG to shutdown any website on the basis of some shitty EULA as it isn't the same as a written contract.
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    Intel 10nm Fail (more PR blunders)

    https://www.semiaccurate.com/2018/05/29/is-intels-upcoming-10nm-launch-real-or-a-pr-stunt/ Because Spectre isn't bad enough PR. Wonder how AMD will respond to this...
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    "How would you stop this monster?" Fire the balance team
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    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    The rumors of M-I-T's death have been exaggerated.
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    Greetings, newcomers. As this is the first place new people have access to, I'd like to go over a few things that will greatly enrich your time here. First of all, know that those who contribute to and moderate these forums are players who are dedicated to performance. We strive to play well. If you are a person who is an average tanker, or even a bad tanker, you are still welcome here. However, we have little tolerance for excuses. We welcome players of all skill levels who wish to improve their play. Blaming anything other than yourself for your failures will quickly get you removed. But if you want to get better, you will not find a more helpful resource. Bear that in mind when asking questions. Instead of saying something about some hacking invisitank killing you, ask how an enemy was able to kill you without being spotted. We know how the game works. We can help you know how the game works. We can help you be the person that makes other people run to the forums to cry about hacks. Grow a thick skin. If you're bad, we will tell you. We will likely not spare your feelings. We're not kindly old school teachers here, we're hard-ass drill instructors. We won't kiss it and make it better, but we will turn you into an instrument of death, praying for war. Keep discussions civil. Even unica have differing opinions. Irate posts will get nuked fast. Discuss and argue points. Leave the ad hominem attacks for the Official forums. Finally, remember that we all play for fun. Some of us just prefer that we have our fun at the expense of the enemy team.
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