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    What I've made so far with only using the Italeri WoT ling (incl. their paints) is the following: https://imgur.com/QzptJsH I did the crusader first, and decided to try and weather it and probably went a bit overboard. I used a wash from "Army Painter" to try and give it some weathering. One day I'll redo the road wheels as they aren't painted particularly nice (or evenly for that matter). But since this was my first ever attempt, I am quite happy with the result. Second tank was the Sherman, and here I was surprised at how dark the Italeri OD actually is. It is the same brown as the actual brown included in the paint set, so I was highly disappointed by that. I was going for a more dark green shade than what I got. So this Sherman is repainted and not very well. This also needs some more love down the road when I am more experienced. It might even be demoted to test bed for different techniques and colours. https://imgur.com/ST5PVq3 Thirdly and most recently I've painted a Chaffee in plain OD. I've done some light weathering/brushing of lighter shades to give it more depth, but I have limited colours available so It's limited what I can achieve. I am more happy with this than the Sherman. https://imgur.com/VAg0YN7 I am planning on buying a bunch of pigments and washes for future projects and I might go back to these and give them some more love. Also sorry for not the best pictures. I just took what I already had on my phone
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    WoTLabs Community Discord

    WoTLabs Community Discord! I made a Discord server. If you don't know what that is, it's basically a fancy chat room. It's not primarily for WoT anymore; just for the preexisting community that started here (feel free to join even if you're new around here). We have channels for all sorts of topics (including tank games).
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    BTW, have been starting to experiment with Tank-Kamikaze Sigs...
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    We like her more than you as well. Also I'd back her in any fight. She just taps your knee and you go down like a Batchat rolling off the lighthouse on Cliff.
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    If you are taking over my job Don't forget to be elitist and abuse your girlfriend on stream as well. [23:44:24] what elitist crap. [19:38:55] vids of him smashing KB's and abusing GF are funny. Apparently that's something I do according to hopey. Kind of weird since I am pretty sure everyone are more scared of her then me
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    As an ex RDDT3 prodigy I can help you out
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