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    I honestly think they have ended up with the tank we probably deserve as a successor to the T-10. Its a solid tier X tank that is clearly going to be competitive in any situation - but its also clearly not going to be brokenly OP. All in all I think its a good step, during the Murazo era it would have been released with its laser cannon and eventually nerfed down to just silly OP. At least it appears they are aware of how badly they fucked up with the V4 during the bald wookies term.
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    @Madner Kami No I agree that the bobject, Type 5, 430U etc. need massive nerfing too, but I think the tier 2 tanks need to go down as well. Big nerfs to the Type 5 (re-balance so it wasn't dependent on broken HE and whether people spammed prem at it), Bobject (which will need further nerfs after these I rekcon), 430U etc. Then little nerfs, tone downs for like the Super Conq, 5A, Fatton etc. Then buffs for the likes of the IS4, Leo, STB-1, 268 etc. Then re-balances for the 183 and JpE100 to bring their alpha down. That would be a better tier 10 balance for me. @Archaic_One Here's hoping that it might be a change of direction for the balance team. Two balanced Soviet tier 10 tanks that are not pure powercreep.
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    "How would you stop this monster?" Fire the balance team