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    Casual 12k assistance on Karelia and 3rd MoE
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    This sounds extremely petty but I get so much fucking joy from ruining someone's game. Like every time I permatrack some idiot on a hill or corner, every time I catch someone out with no cover, every time I'm responsible for deleting the entirety of an enemy tank I get extremely aroused. It's like I get to channel all the frustration that this game has inflicted on me and put all onto someone else.
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    Glad to see people doing well! I've mostly lurked this thread since Bun first posted it, honestly it was an enormous help to me in finding myself. I finally accepted who I am in late March last year but there were people I knew IRL that I wasn't ready to come out to who knew this handle and I was paranoid. I've been on HRT for ~11 months now and went full time living as a woman near the beginning of this year but had forgotten about this thread for a bit. I want to thank Bun for starting this thread years ago and everyone else who's participated. Without it I think I would have been in denial even longer and it's bad enough I kept myself in denial till I was 30 already. <3
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    Don't. My laptop can't handle post 1.0 graphics so I can only maintain wr over 55% in lights and the bobject. Fuck me I even average 2000 in t62a... Also there are better people than me to make you feel bad here I'm just a scrub who barely maintains light purple recents when his big pc works
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    More WT memes

    More WT memes
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    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    *Football Mode
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