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    I had to play it just to experience the stupidity. 77% solo win rate. Also no credits left, so good time to quit game.
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    Is russian, da? Not OP. Historically accurate! Nastrovje. Seriously though, I am currently operating under the impression, that the russians as a whole are suffering from some sort of national inferiority complex, thanks to the setbacks they suffered through various historical events, liek wars and civil wars and failing leadership and are just overcompensating it collectively, which finds it's expression in stuff like this. One would think that comfortable gun-handling is a sort of NATO-tank thing in general, given how much NATO-nations tend to have an eye on creature comfort in their tanks, as opposed to the sardine cans the russians tend to build en masse, but hey. Why shouldn't the tanks that are generally designed to be more mobile in even the roughest infrastructure-lacking terrains and, who on top of that, are designed to not cost a lot and be easy to maintain at the cost of creature comfort, not also be the tanks that have the best armor and gun handling? Makes perfect sense, that sniper-oriented tanks, who are generally less mobile, larger and designed to be hulldowners as opposed to brawlers, get ifnerior gun handling, because the crew can actually move in the fucking tank, I suppose. Let them aim every shot even at 50m for half an hour and then give the L7, which is used by so many NATO-meds in the game, also the tendency to drop it's shells everywhere except center reticle for good measure (hello Charioteer). *rants*
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    The return of Province

    out of all the removed maps they could of reintroduced, they reintroduced province...? and then made it for high tiers? Im rapidly losing every single ounce of my faith in WG to be anything other than clueless idiots...
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    welp, my acc is sold wot's been fun but sadly it isn't anymore, i'll probably come around here every now and then but for now i'll focus on other things c u friends