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    With the current mechanics, dispersion means next to nothing. It's all about the hidden blooom values.
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    I'm about 15ms on average up to HK over SG from Wellington. Had one game of about 7 where pockets were lost for a short period. The plethora of shitcunts seems exactly the same on any of the three servers.
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    Is it worth buying IS-4?

    So...I have been playing this quite a bit lately. I think I was making a number of mistakes, not least of which was being too aggressive and thinking this was a standin for the is7, which it isn't. It is not getting played all that much on NA (as of this morning, only about 9 individuals, yes, 9, as in nine, had played enough games to get ranked in it for July, and the stats aren't all that competitive), but I think that's a shame, b/c I do think it's actually rather good (big change in opinion for me). It really is a defensive bulwark - the armor is amazingly troll, and if you can get your hull angled slightly upwards, that (a) makes your UFP much harder to pen and (b) hides your turret roof. I've pulled my WR up from 40% to 45% (baby steps, people), and I just got my first ever MOE on a tier 10: I wouldn't mind some better gun handling/alpha, but the gun is entirely workable. On the T10, the same gun feels amazing, on this, it just feels workable, but that's okay. You're still more mobile than the bricks (and more flexible, too). I'm growing to like this thing.
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    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Glacier is a great example of a type of map WG seems to love to make.... the "bowl style" map. The middle is a giant no go zone other then a few hills/rocks and all the fighting is concentrated along the flanks usually in 2 corners. Basically 90% of the map is useless and fighting is reduced to a group of tanks headbutting each other in the corners, seriously think of how many maps simply break down to which side i need to go camp. Also https://bt13.itch.io/wg-sim thanks reddit