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    T-44 undervalued

    Oh please, cry me a river: ...and I don't think I'm totally blowing chunks in this thing, but whatever I'm doing is clearly insufficient.
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    Best stat sites at the moment?

    Tanks.gg is pretty decent. Doesn't support RU tho which kinda annoys me because I like checking some streamers stats out but other than that it's the best I think
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    https://gfycat.com/GlisteningEntireAngora Heckin bamboozled eat shit and die pubbie nerd
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    I may be an ass, but I always enjoyed loading up a CGC, TKing any other arty on the team, then getting TK'd by the inevitable angry pub on my team, and stating "Mission Accomplished". I probably wouldn't do it in ranked just because I wanted to play as little ranked as possible. But doing it after you hit Rank 15 is solid thinking so +1 to Exo. Pro tip: Load up a FV4005 and shoot the ground under an arty with HE. Splash counts differently so you can actually TK two arty without turning blue.
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    http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/583984-forum-poll-best-poll-for-group-sampling-on-tanks/ Please accommodate me
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    Just look at this shit, theres a reason they must be cleansed
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    Yes bro. After being brutally rejected by Relic for bad tier ten stats, I once again solo around in hopes that one day, someone will notice me