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    Madner Kami

    1.1 Update

    Just another patch with nothing in it that peaks my interest in a good way. Object 279 just should not be in the game, end of story. At least they managed to not create magic russian sidearmor on it, which is something, I guess. Don't care for Minsk, yet another city-map and a wannabe city-map for all classes like Paris, which is a complete clusterfuck and Studzigythianki will be just as bad for exactly the same reasons. Map reworks are meh. Province being a terrible map for high tiers was obvious for all the painful reasons the original map was scrapped to begin with, so yet another sign for the deciders just not knowing what they do. Mines, ok, needed a change, gonna see if it is good or not. Rest I feel are benefitting the wrong tanks, given the descriptions and what I've seen so far. Mountain Pass still is a fucking camping shitshow and not even being touched yet again for the umpteenth time. Pilsen rework might be mildly interesting. New polish tanks, don't care, don't want to grind them, I want the tanks in existence to be rebalanced. As for the new personal mission chains, gonna see if they are good for anything, but I just suspect another time-hog which leads to the worst players having access to the new tanks far before any reasonable player can have them. So meh. P.S.: Fuck the 279. Yet another promise broken. And nobody cares or raises a fuzz. Yet another sign of how the community degraded by so many of the old timers and good players having gone off and what's left is an apathetic mass of which I am part still, for all the wrong reasons.
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    1.1 Update

    Until we'll get a decent patch, the game itself will be dead. Polish is just an additional tree, nothing else, maps are still catastrophic. Personal missions are better, or seems like. On the other hand, hence I'm playing mediums 90% of the time so I didn't even get the T55-A yet. So probably I could forget the 279 too, not that I'm that interested in it. The playerbase is downgrading gradatim. I play a few tier 10 mediums to farm bots but eventually I get bored of that too. If they bring back the mm that lasted for a month 4 patches ago, I would reconsider to play more, but I will start my PhD in september so probably I will spend more time in the library which is a better decision either way. :)
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    1.1 Update

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    Some dude on Reddit shared a replay and he idled and camped behind heavies for the whole game and and I pointed it out and said what he should have been doing and I shared two replays of constantly being active in the battle as a bottom tier and as a top tier, what do I get "stop bragging dickhead" :/
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    https://gfycat.com/GlisteningEntireAngora Heckin bamboozled eat shit and die pubbie nerd
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    Buff the game
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    WT actual fuck is going on?

    I just look at the team score, send a PM about how they should be playing minesweeper to help their hand-eye coordination and move on. Sometimes i get some gold back like how one guy threatened to fight me IRL and wanted an address, so i sent him an address to a clinic that focuses on childhood psychological disorders such as tourettes. Poor guy got a chatban and also got done in for his name.
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    WoT aint fun no more but watching WG flop around like a fish out of water sure is entertaining