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    Wheeled Light Tanks/ AFVs

    Man, if only the video wasn't from QB...
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    When 47%er tell me to show respect when I tell them they are shit
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    How To Crew Yer Tank Right.

    I wrote these a while ago and figured I should probably share them with everyone. If you know me - then reading these in your mind in my voice will make them that much better. If you don't know me, then imagine a massive condescending nerd, with dry sarcastic humor and a really really epic neckbeard - and that'll be close enough. Allurai's "Meat and Three Veg" Main Battle Tank Guide: Allurai's "Invisitanks/OMG YOU HACKER" Sniper and Scouting Guide: Allurai's "Terrible-Human-Being Whack-A-Mole-e-lol" Arty Guide: Enjoy. Please feel free to copy/paste this and share with your clannies as you see fit.
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    1.1 Update

    I really hate it, its poorly designed IMO and really reminds me nothing from Prok except for the worst part of Proko and that is too much arty making the map much worse to play. - middle is a massive clusterfuck. No cover from arty, near-impossible to run away as well and generally too flat. Prok middle is not super easy to run away, either, but once you are in a situation when you have to run (and that is when either the middle is collapsed or when the 1-2 line is collapsed) the game is very likely lost anyway. On Glacier, not only you have the middle, you have north flank, you have aircraft carrier, you have south, which are all possible reasons to run away, but you cant do it most of the time because of the design. - Heavy flank is really awfully designed, its literally impossible to avoid getting shot from the middle if someone just goes there. If there was an obvious idiot trap route that would attract, well...idiots (who would get punished), but in return you could kinda avoid get crossfired if you just go as far away as possible (but in return it takes longer to reach the flank), it would be fine. Think Lakeville. However, on Glacier, like said, its impossible to avoid and there is even a risk of dying from full HP if they have enough tanks and there is nothing you can do about it. No matter how close to the redline you go. There isnt even any cover. Or any dip. Nothing. Its almost Malinovka field levels of open. And you can even get shat on from multiple directions because of the middles design. One would argue that ”but you just dont go that flank, then”, but its not that bad once you reach it, and its one of the only places that gives arty cover. - South is an overly narrow corridor that takes overly long to reach. Its not too bad though and its more or less the only place that actually feels ”safe” but the moment someone in his armored tank like Bobject goes there...yeah. - arty shits on you on every relevant location so its utter hell the moment there is any arty - has camping positons right next to the spawn which because of the map design can be surprisingly powerful. You can defend the cap, shoot heavies that try to push, shoot the LT who tries to yolo the aircraft carrier, and shoot the middle cus its fairly flat and has no real cover. Prok is much, much better because you can actually hide (without sitting on spawn), the ridge gives you cover, you can be rather safe in the middle if you play intelligently, and you dont get cockblocked from random places like on Glacier. Prok is not perfect because its also awful if there is a lot of arty and/or a crapton of TDs, but at least without those its pretty good and every class are more than viable and have opportunities. On Glacier, you want to be in a hulldown mobileish tank with preferably good gun depression, or a TD. Maybe I’m wrong. I just find the map awful to play and its almost never ever fun to me. I’m not alone, couple of my friends find it awful as well. Only when there is no arty, no Swedish TDs, only a few TDs in general, and im a tank with good mobility and turret armor, it ”can” be okay. And that is...rarely. And even then its...ehh.
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    This tank was way overhyped