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  1. Things WG said they'd do and still haven't done: -sprem ammo rebalance -crew skill overhaul -unified economy -"2.0" Things WG said they wouldn't do and still did anyway: -no tier 10 meds -no tier 10 TDs -no tier 10 arty -no tier 10 lights -no tanks after X period (1980? 1990? They kept pushing the date back anyways.) -no tanks with smoothbore guns (so they put rifled guns onto tanks that should have smoothbore) -no nerfing prem tanks -no shitty prem tanks that are worse than completely stock contemporaries -no OP prem tanks that are better than fully upgraded con
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  2. hazzgar

    Wheeled Light Tanks/ AFVs

    So we basically get siege mode light tanks that either cant turn or are as fast as regular lights with even worse guns and view range. This also shows how bad WG is at understanding their game becasue it is clear they seriously overvalue getting to key positions first. Yeah this seems like a great idea on paper but NOT ON THE MAPS WE HAVE.
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  3. Ultimate tier 10 suicide scouts. Just what we needed in this game.
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  4. A player in a TVP VTU could definitely beat it.
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