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    Hello! As has been brought to my attention, the verification system is apparently faulty, meaning new users have been unable to participate in discussions in the forum for quite a while. I have done a complete validation of the system and I could find no fault. As far as I can tell, it's working as normal. However, as this appears to be causing issues, I have enabled access and posting rights to users in the default "Registered Users" category. Several functions, like rating posts, are still restricted to verified tankers. Cheers! Never Edit: I figured out why this issue happened, and we can thank IPS (the makers of the forum software) for it. Months ago, they introduced a "quick registration" feature and made it the default without asking. This quick registration screen ommits custom fields, including the mandatory "Server" field which the verification system needs in order to know which region to authenticate your account. As new users couldn't select this field, they could not verify. Fuck, fuck fuckity fuck. I have now enabled the full registration screen. Verification should be working normally again. This new access to unverified users will remain, unless we run into trouble. USERS WHO REGISTERED RECENTLY CAN NOW EDIT THEIR PROFILE AND SELECT THE APPROPRIATE SERVER, THEN PROCEED TO VERIFY AS NORMAL.
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    The free XP sink and a lot of other project I have at the moment are the reasons why I don't play this line. From what I can see the T10 is not the best, therefore not rly a reason to grind the line. Especially because I don't like the T10 gameplay right now. If I play hightier I play T9s. But in this regard the polish tank is also quite meh. The T8 on the other hand seems to be good but lets face it. T8 mm is AIDS and without Frontline gamemode there is little to no reason to play T8s. Oh and not to forget. Most of the tanks, especially the lowtiers, are ugly as fuck.
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    Progetto 65 worth the credits?

    Personally I still prefer the TVP, the faster burst works better IMO and even though Progetto doesn't have the full down time, 20s and you are at full burst again in the TVP, in the Progetto getting back to 4 shots is painfully long. Thing it's paper, so even with the burst potential, you have to working much harder than you ever would in a 430U or similar.
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    1.0 removed my ability to play WoT without investing in a PC upgrade - which isn't of great interest to me right now (mind you my internet is very shoddy). I didn't stop playing because I don't like WoT, or because i found particular fault with the community - it just upgraded past my ability to run it. I'll also share [email protected] has sold his PC parts and turned off his home internet. The era of the original chode$tarz has passed it seems.
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    T-44 undervalued

    I sold my t-44 after buying the t54, but I still have a t-44-100 in my garage, and I agree with your general take. The key (IMHO) is having the mobility and camo to avoid having to brawl when not top tier, as well as having the survivability to be able to brawl when you are. Tier 8 meds, while painful, force the player to do something really valuable (and something I, personally, usually fail at doing) - you have to adapt your playstyle not just to the tank but really to the battle - more so than probably any other tier/class. This is where a generalist like the t44 enables some tactical adaptation that a tank like e.g. the German tier 8 meds cannot. The hull armor/camo/mobility give it tricks at both ends (using the hull armor to bully tier 6s, the camo/mobility to evade tier 10s) that give it a leg up over the 'Mercans and Brits, too.
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    T-44 undervalued

    What if anything has the high ground