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    With the Caern AX missions I have over the weekend started playing more tier 10 than usual, partly because it gets the missions done easier and partly because everyone else will be playing 10s as well meaning lower tiers will get screwed even more to make up the numbers. And it turns out I suck, I cannot handle the tier 10 meta at all, especially in the all tier 10 games. Most games to me seem to basically encompass the following - 5-8 armoured tanks on each team, most game who all go to the same spot and brawl, where most of the engagements seems basically come down to premium spamming RNG fests whilst trying to avoid big HE hits from arty/183s/Type 5s. 2-4 papery medium tanks who seem to flirt around the edges not really doing much, unable to really position themselves anywhere to be that effective without getting wrecked. And then 4-6 tier TDs, usually sh*tbarns or JpE100s camping at the back covering most lanes and sh*tting on anyone that dares to leave cover. Plus every other game is 3 arty since the new PMs. I am therefore left pretty clueless what to actually do to have any real impact on the game. If I am in a brawling ish heavy, say 5A I am fighting with 4-5 team mates at one spot that can't really accommodate us all, staring down at a succession of other hull down tanks or super heavies whilst getting artied or derped by HE or some bob gets a high pen roll with premium ammo cos he decided to shoot my turret for that 1 in 10 chance shot. If I look to go somewhere else, it doesn't really exist as you don't want to push the other flanks as hordes of TDs will be camping there waiting for someone to get spotted. I can't go bully meds cos in most games there are barely any there in the first place. If I pick a med not suited to brawling I end just flirting around trying to probe gaps and look for shots, but aside the heavy/armoured TD brawl going on, everyone else pretty much camps and the maps give you limited options to find gaps anyway. If I play a bit more passively it seems my team melts before I can play any role, basically depending on who wins that heavy brawl, which often seems to be down to RNG more than anything. Example from last night, was in Obj. 140 on Studanksi. I go left to the hill with one T-62A (there are literally 4 meds in this whole game), trying to get some side shots into their heavies, spot any of their meds on the hill etc. but we spot one Leo who is obviously reluctant to push up as he'll get wrecked, we can't push him because there is a sh*tbarn camping outside render on the train tracks. So I go all the way across the other flank to see if something can be done there, only to watch a platoon of E3s on our team get wrecked by arty and their camping ridge line TDs, so come back to the middle to try to get our heavies moving but I can't flank that factory building either side because of the TDs, I can't push into 60Tps, Super Cs, E100s etc. with a 140, I try to spam some HEAT into the action to tip it in the favour of our heavies but eventually they lose the brawl and their camping TDs find their W key and they finish the rest of us off. I did like 4k ish damage, lost a huge amount of credits and still had no clue how to tip that game in our favour. I have been on tilt pretty much the whole weekend, even got a TK ban because I lost it with some idiot IS7 who kept bumping me whilst I was tying to aim and then drove in front of my shot. All in all it was an awful weekend of play, I played so badly, any aggressive move I tried got shut down hard, I tried going a bit more passive in a few games but it didn't work at that well either. So just wondered how others are coping with the tier 10 meta?
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    I spent the weekend grinding Italy 4-7. Tier 4 is a meme tank, though I find the 70mm HE too iffy to really use. Almost exclusively use them on the clueless 25TPs roaming about for luls though. Tier 5 is good. Turret armor is okay, you can fight meds and LTs and expect to bounce 1 or 2. The gun lacks pen imo, but the 75mm paired with the turret and mobility is crazily effective. Tier 6 has a 90mm and behaves essentially like a hellcat with good turret armor, I enjoyed this tank quite a bit. Tier 7 has a 90mm with slghtly better pen and a horrific stock grind because of its engine power - I recommend getting the tracks and 2nd engine at least so you are on par with a DW2. Stock gun is workable (and you might consider using it because of the higher dpm with same alpha). Top turret is easily your next priority after tracks/engine. The top engine is actually the tier 8's stock engine, so if you are okay with being a gimped comet just grind to tier 8 and save the 12k exp. Fully upgraded the tank is fun, though a bit unremarkable.
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    QotD goes to a 48%er... shootu2bits_ (18-Sep-18 6:05:20 PM) all cheats write long answer well done
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    So true; things just become hard-wired: Regular ammo or Sprem? Sprem Push or red line? Red line LT? Yolo HT, Prok? Yolo ADA/KELLY/DETOX? TK Lake? Drown Game or Forum? Pub
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    Play arty because woopdifuckingdoo who would have guessed the x5 retards are actually useless at dodging shots >missions done while netflix/beating meat/cooking/cleaning on reload/working out on reload/shooting up a school during rld if u live close and na
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    Welcome to the Rubicon Version of World of Tanks.
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    T-50-2 Returns

    Aren't track traverse speeds still modified by the difference between the stock and elite engine horsepower? I think the old T-50-2 had a 300HP stock engine, making it way more agile than this. (that has to be the most stupid mechanic in the world though)
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    You actually believe anyone in KAC bothers to think?
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    The CPU-Z screenshot however says your memory runs in single channel. Either it reads wrong or it does run in single channel - sorry for the dumb question but do you have the sticks right next to each other (1 in grey slot 1 in black) or do you have them in slots "1" and "3" (so both in grey or both in black)? If the former, you're running in single channel despite having 2 sticks, and need to switch to latter.
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    Caernarvon Action X Premium

    You can't really fairly compare anything to the caern, caern is just batshit insane and so is the Caern AX. Better comparison would be to the patriot. 2439 vs 2085 stock dpm : fucking hell, 2439 stock dpm is insane, patriot was hailed as the high dpm HT but its got nothing on this 0.31 vs 0.36 acc: 0.05 accuracy is huge, thats the difference between skorp and Rhm's 12.8cm. Way better turret, Patriot has shot traps on the lower mantlet that will make shots go straight into enginedeck, plus weak 180mm plate right below mantlet that is penned often, Caern AX has no such thing.