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    Ladies and Gentlemen - I present Angel___Kiss. A player so awesome that he has played 800 games in the P.43ter an average damage of...2. Totally not a bot though, otherwise WG's bot detection software would have detected him. And lets have a look at some other tanks - the P.43 bis. 653 battles with an average damage of also 2. The KV-1. To be fair, he is way better in this tank, averaging 4 damage a game. TOTALLY NOT A FUCKING BOT WG!
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    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    Yeah, I told you it was fun one night when we were platooned, but I did not consider when and how I had ground ("grinded" is an appalling hack of a word) the line. As I remember, I initially didn't bother to finish the line because the higher tiers were slow and no fun. When the Type 5 got the big derp I decided to finish the line specifically to shit on IS-7's and Mice. As I remember I made pretty liberal use free XP to do it. Once WG finds the way to ruin the Type 5 I will be left with a real problem. Where in the Japanese line do i put a 5.5 skill crew? The WZ 131? Or just spend mucho gold to move it to another country? RU Meds will always be the the safe choice for fun and payback for grinds.
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    Must be adrian's dodgey sig generator morphing into WASD feetfoods.
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    Indeed. (At the risk of sounding like an average official forum poster...) I have long accepted that playing wot means you have to take the wins and the losses (& draws), even if some losing streaks are harder to take that others. I have no doubt that often players will get dealt what seems like a harsh run and rage-quit - with some "threatening" to quit permanently on the forums. I have occasionally felt that way also, but I'm grown-up enough to realise that decisions made in the heat of the moment may not stand the test of time. So let's be crystal clear: this decision is cold and calculated. Wot is a game; my understanding of a game is that a game is intended to be enjoyable. Sure, there it can include elements of challenge - but it must still be enjoyable. Well fucked if I enjoy wot anymore. Sick of playing 10's when in an 8. In tier 8 you should see the following: All 8's 5/10 - as top tier 5/10 - as bottom tier 3/5/7 - as top tier 3/5/7 - as middle tier 3/5/7 - as bottom tier I realise that the Asia region has limited players, especially when I am able to play, but I feel like I see #6 ~80% of the time, and #2 & #4 %5 of the time. I tracked the data for a while ages ago - although it wasn't quite that bad but it was definitely slanted towards seeing 10's. Data aside, I'd argue that perception is just as important, because a perception is all people need to make decisions - they don't always wait or care for the evidence. Once you have the perception of being continually fucked over it affects the enjoyment. Enjoyment doesn't base itself on facts. So then you get to the logical point of queuing up in a 10 instead of an 8, because why disadvantage yourself. Naturally all this makes grinding credits... sup-optimal. It also makes you wonder why you have any 8's at all. Sure, you can play 6's - say hello to tier 8's (how these fuckers got top tier in an 8 I have no idea). And of course there's the quality of play at tier 10 (and other tiers). My last ever 113 game (as it turned out to be) was a case in point: Ruinberg, full tier 10 game; BC25t camping behind a TD in the far corner overlooking field. Sure, I've played lightly armoured meds at tier 10, I know you can't frontline - but neither can you be too passive. The guy did fuck all damage - **surprise**. But it's not a one off - shit like that happens every. fucking. game. I struggle to recall a game in recent times that felt balanced, most are one-sided so that (a) you get quickly get fucked up or (b) you struggle to deal any damage. Oh and when you do get that chance **surprise** RNG springs a "magic moment" on you. Aggro. I've been calling out pricks on my team / raging for a while - not all the time, sometimes I'm philosophical and move on. Who needs that shit? I don't rage at my family, or my colleagues... I can't even really blame Feet any more... prick. And as much as these fuckwits might deserve it, I could do without being continually put in a position where raging appears to be a perfectly justified reaction. Cortes So fuck it. I can manage my own expectations, I can take the good with the bad, but I'm not WG's bitch, and I'm not going to take this monotonous up-the-arse un-fun any more. Wot occupies a large part of me, that will create a hole that needs to be filled (not my arse, oh wait...). getting around that will take a bit of grieving - I have no doubt: I wanted to play this game forever. So after sleeping on it (more than once) I'm going full Cortez: scuttling the ships, burning the bridges, scorched earth. Each new day will be a day not being shat on by SPG's, MM and RNG.
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    I think you're talking about the Name and shame thread found here: http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/21695-name-and-shame-part-ii-probably-sponsored-by-universal-studios-and-chrysler/
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    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    The OI is essentially the ultimate manifestation of WG's new design goals. Stupidly strong traits and ludicrously poor weaknesses to the point of being impossible to defeat in situation A and useless in situation B with the influence of player skill minimized. The armor is the gimmick that renders some enemies useless against it while the terrible mobility and massive size are what keeps it from being competitive. Grind it and get rid of it.
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    The SP is really nice now, 202 base pen, better dpm, and it can sort of climb hills a little. My IS-6 on the other hand still has to retreat against most heavies it faces. I wish they would have left AP pen at 175 and given all the extra pen to the APCR so I could pen Type 4 and E-75 weak spots . . . The IS-6 gun handling buff is nice though, at least I bounce closer to where I was aiming
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    I was once told that the Type 5 is better than the Type 4 tier for tier. If that has ever been true, I don't think it is now. While tier 10s are mind-numbingly strong, so are the new tier 8s in their own tier. The strength of new tier 8s is basically measured on how well they fight 10s, and many of them while not being a credible threat are still massive nuisances even for semi-armoured 10s. OTOH tier 7s are more or less in the exact same state as they were 3 years ago, while tier 9 meds/heavies/TDs that can shrug off tier 7 gold are dime a dozen
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    Not to mention that right now tier 9 MM is as good as tier 10 MM is bad. Jumping from 9-10 is not necessarily a formula for improving your playing experience. Perhaps just keep feasting on Comets and Leos in your E50 instead of dumping the 6M credits in order to get fucked harder by MM
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    Tier 10 is hard as balls when you first start playing because the entire carry potential is on your back now. There's no longer a top tier to bail you out or someone to hide behind, meaning that any mistake on your part is felt by the entire team. It's probably even worse in this regard with the new MM, where there are fewer 10s and way more shitters in 8s. I mean, my Ehundo was rolling around with a 45% WR or some shit for the first 100 battles and the fact is that after 466 battles, it still hasn't cracked 60% even though it's close. Your first 10s are going to have trash stats and that's fine because you're learning. If you ask around, you'll find that a lot of people here spent quite a bit of time grinding their old pubbie tanks up to par. I can't say much about the current T10 meta because I'm still re-learning the game and maps at lower tiers but I'm sure it's still a shitfest. The most important lesson is probably going to be positioning and how to approach engagements, now that you can't afford to throw away your HP. Don't be afraid to pull out of a shitty situation before it becomes totally fucked because you are worth more than most of your team is. Also, don't forget to spam the shit out of prem shells. Tier 10 is the land of enforcing your will on others, which is very expensive.
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    Tier 10 meta is pretty horrible at the moment, lots of over armoured tanks, lots of prem spam, lots of arty, lots of camping TDs all clustered on maps where you can't really utilise much skill. Plus added to that lots of frustrated collapses that lead to quick one sided games. The hull down/over armoured/HE meta at tier 10 I feel is even more RNG focused than the general game, you can play well and get sh*t on by a 4005 or arty taking huge chunks or your health. Plus playing anything that isn't basically a 430U, 5A, Super Conq, means you are generally too team/map dependent to be useful and carry. The games I feel I make big contributions on are ones on amps with a bit of leg room to re-position on and where you can make angles on the enemy, but on the maps where you forced in close range frontal brawls much of that comes down to luck, as everyone is spamming HE or premium ammo at thick armour, and you just have to hope your pubbies trade better.
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    Tier 10 on NA right now has nothing to do with skill. Games will literally come down to which flank of pubbies is able to abuse the others' idiocy the best. If you want to win, tanks with a 3 of the 4 combinations of high alpha/survivability/mobility/gun handling are the way to go. Everything else is really difficult to attain 70%+ wr solo barring the top of the server. The only tank I can reliably pull 70%+ whilst maintaining high dpgs right now is the 7201. Tier 10 is very unforgiving due to the influx of poor players throwing their tanks away like candy on halloween.
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    Basically, it boils down to you having a greater responsibility to carry your entire team. You are no longer towards the bottom of the food chain. You are top dog, which means your plays dictate the outcome of the game more greatly than they ever have. This is why my misplays in the 113 results in losses if you look at my thread about the 113. You need to be balance aggressiveness, positioning, saving HP, map awareness, etc etc. Wrong plays will be punished even more greatly which cause you to lose more often. You need to get really comfortable with your tank's playstyle too. I'm currently on a 71% WR, 3.8k DPG streak on my E100 since I picked it up again because I am more comfortable with it than my 113 which is currently clawing its way back to 50%. This is solved by playing games. Put up replays if you are absolutely clueless about what to do, and keep learning from your mistakes. Edit: My personal learning curve is in no way the best way to learn, I've more or less been playing 4 fun with lots of breaks in between with RL. I did the old get good at each tier progressively, where my skill level more or less kept up to certain levels through the grinds, so if you look at my tanks, you can sort of figure out when I grinded what or when I bought what.
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