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    One challenge is trying to identity what you'll do with the time you would have played wot. One way to think about that: You spent that time in other ways pre wot, right? Do you see yourself NEVER giving it up? If not, then why not now? Plan your exit from the game, plan it when calm, plan it when not playing. When you do hit the delete button there's a ~45 day period in which you can retrieve it. So you can always try it out, see how deleting it feels, and effectively do a pilot. Yes its a big change, and temptation/habit is hard to break. That's pretty much why I took a scorched earth approach: Deleted my account, deleted the game, unsubscribed from all wot YouTube channels, everything. I wanted no reminders. I was unsure if I'd even keep coming here - but it seems I can compartmentalize sufficiently, especially when most of the posts are either not game related or about how shit it is.
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    RDDT Community Recruitment

    Brand new account with a recruiting ad for its first post... okay. Can I have my pink hair dyes now?
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    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    I recommend not to use HEAT, its pointless IMO The pen is too shitty for a gun like that. AP has worse pen yea but with normalization it isnt that much worse, and anything HEAT can pen, AP can as well. Not to mention the best thing about AP is overmatch ability, which the HEAT lacks. You can overmatch 49mm armor and below, which is huge for its tier. Tanks like T-34-85 and Cromwell are autopen for AP pmuch since sides get overmatched and front is weak when not angled. Not to mention AP is much cheaper It can be better than AP for some niche targets, but thats about it. O-Ho's much faster reload and better handling means that HEAT is slightly more useful there than on O-I, but even then AP is superior. I dont remember ever loading HEAT with O-I lul. You should spam HE most of the time, tho. Both AP and HEAT are basically gamble. I load AP only when top tier. Shitty crew may contribute as well. You dont need good crew, but not having full repairs and SS sucks ass for the O-I. You want at least those. Food obviously helps. It can burn but not too often. Fuel tanks are on the upper-side-rear section (how you even call that lul). Also you really shouldnt rely on your armor. Just dont. Its there as an extra if anything, really. Play it like KV-2 that has extra armor as bonus to shit on tanks with sub 160 pen. EDIT: Saw your crew, and I can see it being contributor to yiur results lul. You WANT to have repairs first. Significantly more useful than any of the other skills you picked and should be number one priority with any armored heavy, especially a tank like O-I. Obviously you want sixth sense on commander, but I vastly recommend to retrain everyone else to get repairs. Its worth it. And when one of the loaders gets too 100%, get safe storage. Jap heavies have severe ammorack issues. Lastly, situational awareness doesnt stack, so you having two of them on two radiomen is literally a waste.
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    SEA CW is ded

    I can't see people joining this game even if they fixed it. Just too many other games which are better and more well established. Might be able to entice the old players back though. Cw has been dead on asia since the viet cheat clans joined.
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    I can't help but feel your reply would feel more relevant if you'd actually read, understood and processed what I had said. By the way: You are assuming people here don't know much about botting, that's a big assumption given the average intelligence of this crowd. Particularly given Hopey's visible absence. I don't play this game anymore, and even when I did I didn't frequent the ANZ server, so you can blow that assumption out of your S-51's barrel too. Simple questions: Do you personally think botting is acceptable? Do you think it's acceptable to violate the TOS? Except that it isn't all of the same value. Yeah, I know - fricking mind-blowing, eh.
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    Centurion Mk. I

    Reasons: Tier 8 mediums are generally slightly UP. Fv4202 was 40m/h medium, CAX is worse than M48. Cent 7/1 has no proper gold ammo. MM 357.
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    Centurion Mk. I

    Well and truly before 3-5-7. It was when the Luchs still saw tier 8s!
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    Centurion Mk. I

    FYI - 1196 gets you an Ace in the kv-4. When I last played the Cent, a few years back I’m sure that you needed close to 1400 to Ace it.
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    it wouldn't happen to you. you have no idea how much the arty focused increased when I hit purple, even from blue. It was at least doubled. I have literally had arty players spend the entire game following me around the map shooting no one but me. it doesn't help them win in the slightest, but it makes the purple player they're doing it to want to uninstall the game. I've recently been grinding a friends account who is 52% and yellow. Im playing the same way I usually play. Arty focus? nonexistent. The difference is literally day and night.
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    Centurion Mk. I

    That doesn’t change the fact that it’s generally underperforming. I did 3154 damage with only around 260 assisted for that ace. Would that even be a first class in a T-44?
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    Firstly, no, you weren't: I actually thought some of your comments in this post were genuinely interesting, but either your powers of communication need improvement or you're taking the piss, because your reply beginning with "meh" sounded a tiny bit like you were denying what you had actually said. Secondly, how the fuck to do think people like me feel when you say things like "A friend of mine actually bots" (which is why I neg-rep'd you in the first place)? Did you misspeak - is he perhaps merely a distant acquaintance of your nextdoor neighbour; or are you firm buddies? (Rhetorical question). Because if you're really friends with someone who bots then as I see it you have the following acceptable choices: Convince him of the error of his ways, and strongly denounce his behaviour. Decide you have a spine, tell him you don't hang with people that lack a moral compass, and disassociate yourself from him; as opposed to: "...but botting artillery crosses the line twice and I feel bad for not blacklisting him". (Awww you feel bad). Fuck off and leave us in peace, because if you were at all familiar with the attitudes of the majority of people who frequent this thread, you'd know that bots (and those that appear to outwardly condone them) are the exactly what we stand against. Lastly, can you please clarify this statement: Because when you say "I''ve platooned with him" I assume you're referring to platooning in WoT, whilst the second part of that sentence clearly states he was not personally playing WoT, from which I can only surmise you were knowingly platooned with a bot.
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    SEA CW is ded

    SEA memes > NA memes. No other server memed on WG staff this hard They had a very very big rug, but it wasn't big enough to contain all of us. #NightofTheLongDongs #DeathofCR/D
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    Tier 10 on NA right now has nothing to do with skill. Games will literally come down to which flank of pubbies is able to abuse the others' idiocy the best. If you want to win, tanks with a 3 of the 4 combinations of high alpha/survivability/mobility/gun handling are the way to go. Everything else is really difficult to attain 70%+ wr solo barring the top of the server. The only tank I can reliably pull 70%+ whilst maintaining high dpgs right now is the 7201. Tier 10 is very unforgiving due to the influx of poor players throwing their tanks away like candy on halloween.
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    Basically, it boils down to you having a greater responsibility to carry your entire team. You are no longer towards the bottom of the food chain. You are top dog, which means your plays dictate the outcome of the game more greatly than they ever have. This is why my misplays in the 113 results in losses if you look at my thread about the 113. You need to be balance aggressiveness, positioning, saving HP, map awareness, etc etc. Wrong plays will be punished even more greatly which cause you to lose more often. You need to get really comfortable with your tank's playstyle too. I'm currently on a 71% WR, 3.8k DPG streak on my E100 since I picked it up again because I am more comfortable with it than my 113 which is currently clawing its way back to 50%. This is solved by playing games. Put up replays if you are absolutely clueless about what to do, and keep learning from your mistakes. Edit: My personal learning curve is in no way the best way to learn, I've more or less been playing 4 fun with lots of breaks in between with RL. I did the old get good at each tier progressively, where my skill level more or less kept up to certain levels through the grinds, so if you look at my tanks, you can sort of figure out when I grinded what or when I bought what.
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    We dont tolerate that type of bullshit here, thanks. ~Assassin7
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