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    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    tracks then engine, turret is optional given that it makes you more vulnerable
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    Yep +2/-2 MM is getting more fun with every patch: get thrashed most of the time by higher grades while grinding up a line with the occasional chance to beat on lower grades as a consolation. English boarding school game design.
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    Didn't it go from 'OP' to 'hang on, this is just a worse T-54' in the span of like 3 months?
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    @xLosTsouLx Set your crew up for the tank its designated for. Snap shot is equivalent to about 40% of a vStab so you wont notice much affect on the T-92 with its already excellent dispersion values but you should notice it on other tanks. Checkout out "Designated Target" perk and see if it does what you think it does and to understand its limitations.