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    WoT's client is way too busy nowadays. I log in and am greeted with two advertisements, a survey, a patchnote recap video, and event notifications. My garage UI is plastered with links and pages that take me to entirely separate UIs. Many pages like personal missions, are complete downgrades in usability compared to a few years ago. Whoever was in charge of UI design really wanted to hit that overdesigned F2P MMO aesthetic.
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    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    You have to deal with this tho: As compared to: IMO the 257 lives and dies by its armour, and the top turret will make you that much more vulnerable against high tier guns which can ez snipe your hatches with good softstats. The stock turret has minuscule weakspots so you can actually afford to aim. Bear in mind I over-rely on armour in general. (But if you want soft stats and firepower you'd be playing a T-10 anyway). Also traverse speed is important to the 257 since you need to reverse sidescrape to bounce big guns.
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