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    Tier 8 grand battles

    been discussing this in the wotlabs discord and so far: Grand battles unlike front-line isn't a specific mode you can select to play, its an option you can enable for a chance of getting a grand battle match. which means you can still be thrown into normal 3-5-7 match ups They recently sold the Chrysler and are soon selling the Defender which means there will be lots of both vehicles populating the game mode forcing gold spam along with the typical skorpion and S1 hordes we saw in front-lines, but remember there are no re-spawns in grand battles. Still have the issue of the shitty map designs and the fact that there still isn't enough ammo or HP to carry such a large scale battle. The barley increased income compared to randoms often means you either barley make that much more than randoms, or even lose way more than you would in randoms. 4 arty is a thing in grand battles Overall its just a cheap knock-off of front-lines that nobody asked for
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    First campaign tank buffs (T-55A, 260)

    The story of my life... in WG....
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    Idk... I mean, whats not to like about having .33 acc, -8 depression, 15 second flat reload(3k dpm), 98mm pen with HE, and workable turret and upper front plate armor? This tank is everything I wanted it to be. Its the perfect pub tank if you're looking to play a bastard child of a WZ5A+E100. Smacks hard thats for damn sure. Im no where near @Kolni's level, but playing 40 battles w/ 65% WR and 3257 DPG plus another 20 or so CW/SH battles its just comfortable for people who like that role. Its good enough for #4 by DPG in VBAddict (Cause like, that totally matters!). Setup: Vstab, Enhanced Rammer, Vents Consumables: Large Med, Large Rep, Food, FireFighting bond crew skill (Will mean you burn for about 200 damage) Crew Skills ATM: BIA, Reps, 6th, and Gun Handling/Firefighting where applicable. Next will be View Range and FF again. What I dont like: View Range (My crew is at 2.7 skills, so no vision skills yet) is about... 430? So, not enough. Ammo Count: The final accuracy means you're taking more shots than you should TBH, and Ive gotten down to 3-5 rounds remaining a couple times. HEAT Pen: Its "only" 317, but that just introduces a lot more RNG into penetrating a Super HT or TD. Your final accuracy helps, but RNG Overall: 8/10 for Pubs, and 5/10 for CW. I think other tanks like the 5A and 277 are simply stronger all round, and the Super Conq is a certain staple. I think this slots comfortably behind them when it comes to Pubs for a HT. For CW, its been fun to pair with a Super Conq given the same general speeds of the tank. It could work well against a Type 5 as it'll trade better if you're penning your shots, but again RNG. Worth the grind? Sure. It took me about 1.5 weeks to get from tier 7 to tier 10, and even playing pubs during all of it I never rage quit an evening