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    Sounds like a hardware fault, maybe with the hardware that detects charge level or maybe battery temperature mis-reporting and triggering a shut-down. If your battery is holding a charge then I'm not sure a new battery will help. You might need to return the laptop to MSI for repairs.
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    P.43 ter: it ain't too shabby

    Finished my grind on this tank just recently. 85 games, 60% win rate. 1,337 average damage, which is the best of my tier 7 meds and close to on par with some of my tier 7 heavies. Overall, my earlier opinion still stands. It's a decent, well-balanced medium. Nothing outstanding but nothing particularly crippling about it either. The gun is just about good enough for the platform and tier, although gun handling, particularly at long range, leaves something to be desired. It has just about enough armour to troll things when top tier. It has just about enough mobility to do what it needs to do. Certainly something that can be made to work, but overall the package just isn't particularly interesting, hence moving on fairly quickly. If you're desperately looking for a tier 7 medium to hang onto, it might be worth keeping.
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    Will wg mods ever stop sucking dicks?
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