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    It's good but it's still a tier 8 light with like max 220 pen and 180 alpha in the always in tier 10 meta where you get horrible corridor maps most games. I would say it's very very far from OP. (apparently the Russian community want it buffed), probably edges out most other tier 8 lights, but those aren't very good anyway and the T92/ELC Even are still better at the vision game as pure spotters. It's biggest advantage is it can bully top tier, tier 6s and some tier 7s will struggle to pen the turret and stuff with about 150 pen will bounce off the upper plate which makes it quite a monster in dealing with tier 6-7 meds and most tier 6-7 lights, especially as it weighs 27 tons as well so can ram them as well. Obvious issue is how many games do you get like that.
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    To prove that arty is hard to play I've decided to run two WoT clients of test server and simultaneously play two arty battles. Never again. I'm not a super human to do it one more time. That focus, this skill. I've almost shit my pants because of stress. Check video and please, don't do it to yourself.
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