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    In the current meta, I got tier X games most of the times being the only one tier VIII scout in tier X (13 matches played with only 1 as top tier) and in that, especially in a shit map (Paris, etc.) you really can't use your dpm or armor. Plus the teams are horrible on each side and mm luck plays an unnecessarily big part of how the battle will eventually end. Being in tier VIII or less - in good hands - it can easily carry games (I did twice being the only tank alive I could manage to cap against slow heavies and use my camo). Being sad in the only top tier game I did 4k dmg with 3,5k spotting but in the others I died with 1,5k combined while the team evaporated within minutes (40 seconds into the game and 1-6). Basically the problem with the game is not the types of tanks they release or not, its the game itself and it seems they really don't want to fix it anytime soon.
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    Farwell Yue Yang, you beautiful bastard

    Only tier for tier, the Leopard 1 hasmore health, better gun handeling, more DPM , slightly better gundepression and more viewrange. If the tanks had the same MM the Leo1 would be considered superior. As for the Chung Mu vs YueYang the situation is different as it would now be considered a sidegrade at best, a downgrade at worst even if they were at the same tier as you lose quite a lot for very little gain.
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    Most Value for Credits TK

    I'm still waiting for his dick pics.
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