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  1. You happened to this game. You and your cronies clubbed and killed whatever was left of the NA playerbase since release. Stop pretending it's not your fault that the game has been on life support before it even came out, because you sure as fuck didn't help when everybody else predicted the effects of your overfishing.
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  2. Really it's pretty simple... They never had any sort of "competitive matchmaking", in wargamings case it would be clan wars. Had they done this, all the top end players would be out of the general pool and not killing bad people...
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  3. I have become a heretic, I'm actually really enjoying the 90mm over the past couple days.
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  4. Page 40 onwards Page 2 onwards
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  5. Are you related to CarbonWard?
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  6. It's really best to ignore anything haswell says, he's an embarrassment. At one point wargaming invited us on a stream to tell the community how to win more, strategies and tips etc, and the entire time he was just disruptive and called us liars and said on the stream we were purposely giving bad advice to make our opponents worse so we can kill them easier... It's just not the behavior of a rational, or sane, person. He probably would have been wearing a tinfoil hat if he had a webcam. They make up some nonsense about abusing the MM or flights when none of those things ever actually happ
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