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    So they are offering the chance to gamble for a tier 5 with the armor of a tier 7, and a low tier arty that fires every 10 seconds, is super accurate, and was the only arty in game that got to keep its AP/HEAT rounds? get fucked have fun new players. and for the higher tier tanks they are offering every widely know premium thats either toxic or unfair for game-play. get fucked have fun tier 6's. oh and yeah im including the IS-3A in that list ahead of time. because while i personally haven't played it in its new state, the idea of a high alpha tier 8 HT that gets a reverse auto-reloading system doesn't necessarily scream "balanced".
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    Even QB?!

    Gold ammo and arty fucked it, those 2 made heavy tanks useless, and when the heavys suck, the bads will drive TDs or artys, many fun.... Over the years anything and everything got good gun depression, accuracy and turret armour, and every tank is now the same, with a different skin, aka shit. The main reasons why historical accuracy was so important, is that it forced WG to be creative, a tank with crappy RL armour and no gun depression needs to be amazing in other stuff, while a tank with fat armour and (often big gun) needs to be bad in other departments to make it balanced. Beiing a bit creative for the sake of gameplay, ok, but the last 3 years have been a total shit show in this regards. Only way to fix the game (perhaps): One arty in each team as hard cap Start removing autoloaders, it should be a nich, not something half the tanks have cut gold ammo dmg down by 25% Reduce hitpoints of all tier 9 and especially tier 10 tanks a bit and nerf dpm of tier 10 Reduce accuracy, especially of top tier tanks Add weakspots and when tanks become to weak, buff them a bit in other department. Tier 10 was always the cancer of the game, and it spread to all tiers over the years...
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    Even QB?!

    So I was browsing Youtube and I stumbled on this: Well he sort of put into numbers what we said. If WG analized their data they should have fired Murazor with a cannon as WG downfall started with him. I still dont like his fake gentleman attitude but the data he "collected" and the research he did is interesting. It also points out WG's agenda and how they do things. Nice to know their marketing department is great (not for the game though). Thoughts?
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    What affects mobility?

    For as much abuse that WG attracts; they have a developed a fairly complex game mechanic system that had its initial design goals based in modeling reality. From that perspective with similar weights, similar p/w ratios, and similar traction, (as mentioned above) the Transmission is one key power train component we currently do not have information for. We do know it was modeled as a Module and de-linked from the Engine wrt fires (some time in 8.X?) and lean to that being a big missing link.
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    Facepalm - winter edition

    It's balanced in russia. Uncle Stalin is worried about your opinion. Maybe you are too stressed working for filthy bourgeois. Abandon your money and property to WG thus freeing yourself from the enslavement of capital. And then why dont you go for a holiday, maybe hop on train to Siberia. Have a fun weekend in a frendly Gulag! That's what they said. Maybe they will "find a way around it". Check the comments.
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    Lest it be forgotten what WG thought was a good idea.
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    Even QB?!

    @GehakteMolen you were doing ok until you said 'reduce accuracy'. Nobody wants to play a game where tanks sit on corners bouncing shot after shot because they can't hit anything. The great accuracy nerf is why players like me run so much APCR/HEAT now. After missing shot after shot at a fucking VK 100.1 cupola with an E50 that should NEVER miss that shot, I just say fuck it and start punching prem ammo through him. Shit accuracy plus 25% RNG just drives the use of prem ammo up. Either give tanks small reticles with 25% RNG, or take RNG out of accuracy. 0.4 accuracy with .25% RNG and then nerfing prem ammo instantly makes the Type 5 and FV4005 broken OP . . . oh wait - they already are. The inability to hit aimed shots is one of the reasons WoT is undesirable as an esport. Making hitting shots even harder isn't going to improve the game. Its just going to make me throw my mouse even farther. I already kill enough dirt and rocks as it is, give them a break FFS.
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    Even QB?!

    I love your double standards and how simple it makes you look. I basically used the same rhetorical device you used on me. I used an online speech insult used to grossly mischaracterize ones political leanings. Same as you and mine is projection? Also for projection to work I'd have to poses any characteristics of an incel. I don't think an engaged man in a stable relationship with no anger issues towards women, society, lefties and with reasonable social skills (they can be found defined on wikipedia too, try them) qualifies. So your "noo you" is weak m8. Go back to claiming shit tanks are good. Torty was so good it got buffed so what now? a44? Or you can't do that after you were thrown out of Jordan Peterson school for disenfranchised lobsters?
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    Your list would be much shorter if you mark good players. Just assume everyone is an idiot until proven otherwise, because that's usually the case.
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    Even QB?!

    Which are overshadowed by the russian duo (268v4, 430U), SConq, OP premiums, arta being annoying, russian bias, crap maps, MM ect. But I agree the best thing for WoT are non gamebreaking things and the best thing about the Polish tree is that they have weakspots one of the things that made this game great. And not mini weakspots or in Type 5 fashion, but true weakspots even for standard pen. A thing that amuses me is that either QB was hit by the proverbial apple or he always knew about this stuff (not the server population thing, but of how broken the game is) and he is finally saying what he really thinks. I believe it is the second option and if true, it makes me wonder if WG approved the video before release and so if they knew about it, or if he noticed a drop in viewers which pushed him to a change of style. Again if I had to bet I'd go for the latter. We will see anyway in 2019 with WG's announced balance changes
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    Even QB?!

    On the other hand there's also the things they made well: Frontline SH (the old version, not new) Credit Boosters Italian/PL tank balance (didn't break the game) a bunch of premiums that didn't break the game the standard for quality wot content is literally it not being gamebreaking
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    What happened to this game. The long story is the same as the short story. It sucked ass more than it didn't and no-one wanted to play. The people who did want to play found that getting continually reamed by Bandet and his chums was about as fun sticking your dick in a wood-chipper and all moved on to better things in life. In a sense, Bandet should be commended as he helped those of us who did play WoWP move on with our lives to better things. TL;DR: Bandet won, everyone else lost (and then won by moving on to less cancerous things...hopefully)
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