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    The APCR to AP thing is pretty much a minor buff to all those tanks as they all have high APCR pen generally higher than most AP rounds, but with worse normalisation, they now have the best of both rounds, AP normalisation and APCR speed. Type 4 and 5 'nerfs' are only to their guns, yes less HE damage, they now become basically like the O-Ho, so instead of like 400 - 600, its more going to be like 300-400 on non-pen hits, so against other heavies less annoying. But vs meds and lower tiers, it's a buff, because they now basically have HESH and can reliably do 750 damage to a lot of paper stuff and lower tiers, like a Type 5 would never pen an IS3 with HE currently, it's near impossible, but now they might pen it for 750, and it is unlikely to frontally pen a Leo 1, but now it is much likely. Plus of course those tanks shooting back still can't reliably pen it, or if they do they lose 25% of their damage. You also have to love that WG confirm that Super Heavies basically were OP, but apparently they are not 'now', oh really so aside the Maus nerf, which was minor and did nothing to it's armour, what changed to suddenly make these super heavies not OP? Sounds like BS if you ask me to excuse these stupid changes. Type 5 still over performs, as does Maus a little, Mauschen does, VK 1001 P does, of course Defender does, O-Ni does, O-I still does, Panzer VII is borderline, etc. and now you are giving these tanks basically a 25-30% hit points buff. If they came out tomorrow and slapped 700-800 hit points on a Maus, we know it would over perform, as it was over performing with 200 HP extra and a little more DPM than it has now, but a global premium ammo damage nerf which basically does the same thing won't? BS IMO. What is becoming clear to me that this change is not trying to address balance issues with prem ammo, this change is trying to increase credit drain. If you deliberately ignore what is causing premium spam, i.e. your weakspot free OP armour and corridor maps, then you clearly do not care about balance and really you just want to force people to spam more premium ammo to do the same job and thus spend more credits. Oh and the WOT playerbase is completely dumb and has got dumber over the years, far more bads IMO than there used to be and the standard of a 48-49% player these days is like a 45% compared to how they were 3-4 years ago. When I first started playing I played with another guy quite a lot who was about 49% overall, he was far more competent than the 'average' player you meet today, he could recognise stuff like map control, he could vaguely do his HP in damage unless he made a big muck up, he knew most of the mechanics even if he couldn't always use them etc. etc. The average 48% er these days seems barely able to string two shots of damage together and can basically either hard camp or yolo.
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    This shot, this freaking shot though lol. I tried to guess where the Skorp G was and blindshoot it, and got this instead...
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    a few more fuck ups later
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    Hello! A few minor changes were made to the signature images today. Throughout the 6 years that WoTLabs has been providing signature images, they never actually contained the URL of the website, relying only on people asking other users where they got their signatures from. In order to do a bit of extra advertising and let users know where to get their signature images, the WoTLabs url was added in small text at the bottom right corner of the signature. This required the player's position in a clan, clan image and clan tag to be moved up, therefore the clan tag and clan position are now in the same line. Also, due to the lengthening nature of the clan positions, with the longest now counting at 20 characters long, the position will be displayed in the signature in abbreviated form, normally with those used in the military: Commander = CDR Executive Officer = XO Recruitment Officer = RO Intelligence Officer = IO Combat Officer = CO Personnel Officer = PO Junior Officer = JO Quartermaster = QM Deputy = DY Private = PVT Recruit = RCT Reservist = RES That is all, cheers!
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    They wouldn't be wrong.
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    Now changing APCR to AP? Ummm why? Are they genuinely worried that pubbies will get hit by APCR and assume 'special'? They literally treat their players as if they are half wits. It's like they are saying 'apcr gets lower damage because it punches a small hole, you know for historic accuracy, so we're making it AP for realism... but yeah, the heat round is going to do less damage still' Also at least sounding like some type 4/5 nerfs.
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    Arty being useful for once:

    Arty being useful for once:
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    There's a greater chance of me winning the Eurojackpot than WG getting shit done, not to mention done before we die of old age. I think WG started mentioning giving everyone 6th sense for free around 2014 but I sure as shit don't see it in-game yet. WG also works on a schedule that rivals poorly imported Korean MMOs, given to some Western publisher that releases a translation patch and then doesn't do anything to the game for well over 6 months despite the native game getting content every few weeks. Frankly, WG has had many ideas over the years that could have turned WoT into an absolute powerhouse of an MMO but they tend to scrap 95% of the good ones and keep most of the bad ones. But whatever, it only took them over half a decade to change arty and end up making them even worse
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    I think you are being optimistic if you think WG will implement more than perhaps one thing from that list next year. It smells like a PR stunt to placate the player base. Really just them pointing at a text and saying "see, we are doing something about all that". While at the same time they throw E-25s, Lefefefefes, Defenders and IS-3A into loot boxes.
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