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    I am about to speak sacrilege. I don't really think prem rounds are all that much of a problem. The real reason they have become over used has as much to do with the great accuracy nerf. Today in my E75, I aimed standard ammo at a stationary Super Pershing's weak spots and missed aimed shots from ~100-150 meters 4-5 times. Gave up and started auto aiming with APCR. My 50B is a similar story, I run 40+ APCR because I just cannot sit in the open for long periods of time carefully aiming at the weak spots of a defender and an O-Ho while eating 1K damage from them in return - APCR is the only way I can see to solve that problem. A perusal of 50B 10k damage games on Youtube correlates that theory. First they took away the ability to hit weakspots, then they took away the weakspots, now they are taking away the ability to pen anything. If you think games are campy now, wait til everybody is still alive and low on ammo after 10 minutes.
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    200 IQ unicum blindfire

    Amusing clip from earlier. Also how to get a ticket sent of you labeled "is warpack user".
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    Armored Warfare had some good ideas, I'd love to see Wargaming adapt the best ones. For example, the benefits of premium tanks that I enjoy are that I can put crews for other vehicles in them and earn lots of credits. I don't need the tank to be OP, just fun to play many battles in. Armored Warfare would let you premium-ify tech tree vehicles for a fee. I'd be happy to pay a fair amount of money to premium-ify some of my favorite tech tree tanks at tiers 5-8. That would let me move up a tech tree and keep a lower tier tank without training two crews, and would let me grind credits in whichever vehicles I find to be the most fun. Wargaming could test this out as a time limited event with no promise to bring it back and see what the earnings look like. It might give them a way to encourage more premium vehicle purchases without having to release OP premiums.
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    From the north, A2/B1. If your team controls 1/2 then you are hull down to anyone in fingers (middle ridges). Point primarily being that you are extremely safe and can hold pushes single-handedly.
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    Before we all get too apocalyptic I think people need to keep in mind anything WG does to address the trash mechanic that is gold ammo is 98% likely to be a dumpster fire in the short run. They SHOULD have addressed gold ammo in this way 3 years ago, but they tried the armor inflation route instead and it didn't work. Now it will be twice as messy to fix because they made the wrong initial choice. But ultimately I'd still rather they pull the bandage off and clean out the wound than keep going with this gangrene-riddled limb until it finally has to be amputated. It's going to suck, but much as exactly as enough monkeys typing long enough will bang out Shakespeare, so too can WG fix* a problem with enough time once they actually want to. *and by "fix," I mean, "make somewhat better but why the fuck would you do it this way?"
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    WR has a standard deviation of +-10%, 60% is perfectly balanced!! - WG
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    I wasn't trying to shit talk you lmao and I don't see why you are bringing up stats in 2018 - especially when try harding is pointless nowadays with lack of a true competitive mode. It should be obvious that superheavies/heavies are far more annoying to deal with now than in the past because of the corridor-like design of maps. Take for instance, using the same maps, prok. Prok 1/2 now has a ridge that allows both super heavies and faster turreted heavies to be effectively hulldown in complete safety. In addition the second set of bushes down the road indirectly buffed heavies as well by providing significantly more camo. 9/0 now has hulldowns for the north and south spawns, when it previously didn't, making trades super safe now and concurrently a stale map to play. You can go 1/2, middle, or 9/0 and effectively control 2/3 of the map just by sitting there. While the changing meta (aka the introduction and overbuffing of new tanks) have a part to play, the core issues of gameplay are magnified by the changes in map design to make the game significantly more safe to play. Erlenberg - 1/2 and 9/0 are even worse to play now than it used to be as you get fucked by anything in the A/K lines. Once again, magnified by the changes in map design that makes tanks significantly safer to play near the base. Sit in A9? You control middle and 9 line. Sit in middle? You control the side you are safe from getting shot from and the area in front. Sit in 1/2? You control 1/2 and middle. When one spot can overlook 2/3 areas of the map, an open map effectively becomes a corridor because you are forced into (typically) 1 of 3 positions. Proper map design can easily make the staleness of what occured in ranked disappear - and consequently the overdominance of superheavies/heaviums - entirely. The best example of this, or at least a map that comes close, is Stalingrad and the new Pilsen. No single tank class truly dominated as there were areas each could go to and be equally viable. The only real issues with the maps are the extremely safe corners of the map and the lack of flexibility in middle and 9/0 because if you are caught in those areas, generally you ended up being fully committed. FFS. There's so many ways you can solve the problems of the game by map design alone. If map sizes are an issue, there is nothing stopping them from making them bigger. We have evidence from T8 Grand Battles (or w/e the mode was called) that allowed every tank class to be viable in each individual zone AND negate a lot of the OP nature of certain tanks purely off of map design. We also know this game is an arcade game. There's nothing stopping WG from having different layers/levels in the same map and it's vastly better than changing irrelevant issues (the shit pubbies complain about).
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    Madner Kami

    December 2018 Map Elimination

    Abbey - 15 Cliff - 15 Empire's Border - 15 Ensk - 15 Fisherman's Bay - 15 Fjords - 15 Highway - 15 Himmelsdorf - 15 Karelia - 15 Lakeville - 15 Live Oaks - 15 Malinovka - 15 Mines - 15 Minsk - 15 Mountain Pass - 15 - 3 = 12 Do I really need to point out why? Base camper's paradise. Murovanka - 15 Overlord - 15 Paris: 9 - 3 = 6 I'm german. We brought Paris to it's knees three times since 1814 and this really deserves to be taken down for good by any nation. Pilsen - 15 Prokhorovka - 15 + 1 = 16 I generally enjoy this map, as I feel the only thing that really has a potential to make this a bad map is, if your own team has a severe case of extra stupid Province - 15 Redshire - 15 Ruinberg - 15 Serene Coast - 15 Siegfried Line - 12 Steppes - 16 Studzianki - 15 Tundra - 15 Westfield - 15 Widepark - 15 Erlenberg - 16 Mannerheim Line - 15 Glacier - 15 Airfield - 12. El Halluf - 15 Sand River - 15 Honorable mentions: Pearl River - 15
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    Mods in 2018

    The only mods i would run is the mark of excellence % mod and that one mod that shows where bizarre shots hit you after the battle. Other than that almost every functionality mods had has been implemented into the client
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