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    Baby girl on the way, coming in June
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    The tier 8 Polish heavy, which @leggasiini (favorably) reviewed in his Polish tree overview thread, packs a delightful 420 alpha 122mm cannon that has the best rate of fire, accuracy, aim time, and bloom stats of all the tier 8 heavy guns with more than 400 average damage. It is also more mobile than other heavies with comparable alpha. The hull armor is weak but gets the occasional bounce, and the sides cannot be overmatched. The turret is fairly strong, and has a cupola with similar characteristics to its predecessor: prominent but fairly strong for a weak spot. Tier 8 shells will most likely go in, but lower tier shells will sometimes bounce. You get 8 degrees of gun depression, but the turret is at the front of the hull. The standard rounds have 218mm penetration, which is about right for a gun with this alpha at this tier, but the APCR round has a disappointing 245mm penetration. For reference, the VK 100 gets 260mm and the Defender gets 265mm. Shell velocity for both rounds is faster than the VK's but slower than the Defender's. I loved this tank. I'm selling it because I'm in the habit of selling tanks and moving their crews up the line when I grind (and of course tier 8 matchmaking isn't super fun in the current patch). But the gun was very comfy and the low APCR pen bothered me way less than I expected it to — though there were definitely games where I had to shoot moderately heavily armored vehicles and laughed at the color of the reticle. The tank overperformed for me over the course of the grind, which was short because of boosters and Holiday Ops bonuses. And I'm not the only one: over 1600 base experience is still only 2nd class.
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    Simply put, the tank is amazing. You are sporting a 75mm gun with the standard 110 alpha with 97 penetration. The reload is not too bad, the aim time is okayish at 2.2sec, dispersion is okayish since it’s still a tier 4 (still 0.4..). Edit: it does have one weakness, the shell velocity is really poor and you will notice it with a few tanks down the line aswell. But what’s so good about it ? You are sporting 70mm penetration with your HE(from 97 with AP) with 175 damage every 4s, you go from ~1.6k dpm to ~2.6k when penetrating, and you penetrate A LOT. You basically murder any tier 3 and 4 with ease and basically two shot them most of the time. And when you need to use AP you still have a fast firing gun with decent gun handling for it’s tier. Armor is nothing to write home about but you still have 50mm from the front and 40 to the side so you don’t get overmatch or penned by derp gun (unless other P26/40 ) Also the low tier matchmaking (tier 1 to tier 4) has been amazing ever since the 3/5/7 it’s basically +1/-1 MM all the time, you see a lot of lower and same tier battle, tier 5 battles happen but I can’t remember seeing a tier 6 during the grind. it's still tier 4 so the grind was really quick but the experience i had with it was very, very good.
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    Haven't posted here in a while... but here's some stuff for you folks
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    When T-100 LT plays dumb
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    First Noobie/Newbie Post

    Hi I'm Bert, from South Australia. Been playing on the SEA server for the last few months. Finally got my head around vision mechanics and positioning so am slowly turning my stats a little less embarrassing shade of crimson. Ditching the "temperamental" PC for a stable laptop has also helped bigly. Due to horrendous queue times for Tier 5 and below on the Australian server I did way too many of my early battles in my Hellcat. Has me very convinced the Tier 6 tank as reward for finishing beginner missions is one of the dumbest things in the game. Now I'm spending a lot of time in my KVs (just moved crew into KV-1Speedmachine from standard KV-1) trying to get my head around sidescraping and armour angling. Enjoying how as long as I don't do anything stupid just occupying the right spot on the map can make such a big difference to the outcome. Also love my T4 OP Swedish TD (now with full female crew to help me grind the entire line) and my M4 (even if I can't seem to use it to its full potential). Not sure what else I'm meant to add here so I'll shut up. Thanks.
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    Nice try, dude. This bush is mine
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    Buy/Resell at leisure. Once applied, the discounts last until used. So, very useful if creating your own on-track and haven't researched the tanks, yet. However, the discounts do NOT stack with any other sale/discount that WG may offer. For instance, this year, I've used/bought/resold all my choices for Tier II-VI, used my discounts on Tier VII/VIII PL line, and used/bought the Type 4 and T-100. I'm still teching up the PL line (on tier VI), and while I could have made more credits on the VII with a different tank, since I need to grind the fucker anyhow, it was wiser for me. As the VIII discount is credit neutral, again, the PL VIII is the only VIII in the game I haven't teched to/through yet, so no brainer there.
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    What a way to end the P.44 Pantera grind (aka joyride). Two Ace Wankers in a row in the last two games with the tank. First a Pool's Medal as top tier on Redshire and then a 5,400 combined in a tier 10 game on Pilsen pulling victory from what looked like a sure-fire defeat. Feels good man. Standard B about to be purchased.
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    53TP Markowskiego appreciation thread

    Literally the only tier 8 that is a keeper to me (other than O-Ho for obvious reasons and even then it's just for nostalgia and potential 3x platoon memes, I don't play it solo at all anymore). Let that sink in.
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    14k combined on tier 10 matchup with 13 105, 7k spot 7k done and they lost it and blamed me for it! I LITERALLY took half their team out alone hahaha
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    200 IQ unicum blindfire

    Amusing clip from earlier. Also how to get a ticket sent of you labeled "is warpack user".
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    200 IQ unicum blindfire

    I did something similar a while back, but out of draw: https://www.twitch.tv/asassian7/clip/ExcitedAffluentPheasantHumbleLife
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    I am about to speak sacrilege. I don't really think prem rounds are all that much of a problem. The real reason they have become over used has as much to do with the great accuracy nerf. Today in my E75, I aimed standard ammo at a stationary Super Pershing's weak spots and missed aimed shots from ~100-150 meters 4-5 times. Gave up and started auto aiming with APCR. My 50B is a similar story, I run 40+ APCR because I just cannot sit in the open for long periods of time carefully aiming at the weak spots of a defender and an O-Ho while eating 1K damage from them in return - APCR is the only way I can see to solve that problem. A perusal of 50B 10k damage games on Youtube correlates that theory. First they took away the ability to hit weakspots, then they took away the weakspots, now they are taking away the ability to pen anything. If you think games are campy now, wait til everybody is still alive and low on ammo after 10 minutes.
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