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    Quack kill sound effect for WoT

    So I decided to see how audio modding is with the current version of WoT and decided to create a small mod that replaces the crew voiceover for killing an enemy tank with this little gem. The inspiration for this was shishx, who uses this effect in his videos; however, he does not use a mod for that but rather adds it himself during video post-processing. Since I haven't been able to find any mod that replicates this functionality, I decided to create this myself and upload it here in case someone else wanted to have a few laughs as well. The kill voiceover is replaced for all nations. Especially fun if you're playing: Large boomsticks, esp KV-2 AMX 40 artillery In general sound modding seems to be pretty straightforward nowadays and the engine is quite versatile. quack.rar
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    Charts: What matters to you?

    DPG by tier / nation / class has been implemented! Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming!
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    for you that have trouble understanding armor layouts of tanks, I have put together a small but helpful guide as to why your shells may not always do damage even when doing crits on low armor tanks! I have had to reroll 5x, and play tens of thousands of matches til I got hardly blue stats to understand the intricate system of armor in this game. Here we have a pubby pershing, a typical specimen of the game world of tanks. You as a slightly above average skill player think, oh boy lets get that damage! So where do you aim? lets aim at the lowest part of the tank and try to track him! good boy, you surely will track him and get your goodboy spotting points while damaging him. you fire, but oh no what's this? you not only didn't damage him, you didn't even track him! His track absorbed that module damage, and the shell had a trajectory below the actual hull of the tank. better luck next time fellow unicum.
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    Charts: Bigger, Better, Stronger, Sexier

    Hello everyone! As some might have already noticed, we implemented some new charts overnight. We moved from the dated Google Charts to Charts.JS, which will give us plenty of flexibility along with stunning graphics to show the most relevant information for the players. Amongst the changes, we are now also providing your DPG divided by class, tier and nation! There is also some awesome stuff that is on the works, so stay tuned!
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    Update: This has now been done. Now there is some room above and below the line of the chart so small changes don't seem so dramatic anymore.
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    Charts: What matters to you?

    Distance driven and number of trees knocked down.
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    Charts: What matters to you?

    Id like an average assisted damage if they've actually added it to the API yet.
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    I use shift to snipe, but i also use aslain's auto 2x default scope.
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    Biggest seal clubber?

    Might want to look at Marxist...
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    Yes, see AutismSpeaks, Marxist, ebichu.
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