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    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    The Japanese tier 4 Ke-Ho. I haven't played it since the changes to tier 4 MM but it was a nice tank and may still be. Reasonable mobility, good base pen, 131 gold pen.
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    So, this happened... That's what I like to call a "why the fuck not?" shot. I was actually more concerned with not hitting my teammate in the T-100. I had him just outside of the full screen reticle. Also, the replay is interesting to watch. It features Barks_Internally derping out early with 0 damage (I didn't know he still played), a really weird dispersal by the red team and having to suicide derp to reset cap and save the win. For bonus points, a RELIC guy gets accused of hacking. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4702717#el_halluf-monjardin-t49
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    WoTLabs Community Discord

    Pinned dis
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    Quack kill sound effect for WoT

    So I decided to see how audio modding is with the current version of WoT and decided to create a small mod that replaces the crew voiceover for killing an enemy tank with this little gem. The inspiration for this was shishx, who uses this effect in his videos; however, he does not use a mod for that but rather adds it himself during video post-processing. Since I haven't been able to find any mod that replicates this functionality, I decided to create this myself and upload it here in case someone else wanted to have a few laughs as well. The kill voiceover is replaced for all nations. Especially fun if you're playing: Large boomsticks, esp KV-2 AMX 40 artillery In general sound modding seems to be pretty straightforward nowadays and the engine is quite versatile. quack.rar
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    Fisherman's Bay

    Are we talking about 90% of the maps, especially at tier X?
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    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    OP asked for hidden gems. Everybody know that the t29 is OP. IMO t25 AT is on par if not better than the t29
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    The 1000xp Raw Carry Thread

    Surprised by this thing so far.
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    Likely this is also because of the Forumites channel on the EU server, a relax channel for finding fun platoonbuddies (password: play4fun ) Houses a wide variety of skill, but they're generally nice folks to toon with. Just let them know what tiers you enjoy.
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    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    A-43. Most people forget about this tank but it's really incredible. gets a fast-firing 57mm with pretty absurd DPM for a tier 6, zero aimtime and good accuracy, and is very mobile. no armor though.
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    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    I fucking hate the BC12t. Its terrible. Id rather play the 13 75 at tier 8. Its gun handling is meh, its clip potential is sub par for tier 8. And you cant even hit max VR with optics. And you have to ground out SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND XP on the damn thing
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    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    SU-100M1 because its stupidly overpowered, with the only balancing factor being mm.
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    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    T25/2 maybe? Gun handling can be a bit derpy and it's not the most mobile med, but you get a decent 90mm gun that you can 22 your problems away. Yes, I said the T25/2 is a med, because that's how it's best used. T20 is the tier 7 TD.
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    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    Does WoT actually have many "hidden gems" anymore? The slow push of the three tank styles into their own areas of the map make me feel like you're either the hammer or the nail, and rarely in between, making playing anything out of the meta a chore at best. I don't want to turn this into another corridor meta complaint thread, but I'm honestly curious if the current state of things really allows for much in the way of hidden gems. I can see some lights being notable just because they are the only class that is different enough to ignore WG's agenda, but that's about all. The M6 is kinda cool I guess?
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    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    Go 3 mark the Churchill Garbage Carrier, that way you'll realize every other tank in the game are jewels in comparison.
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    Fisherman's Bay

    Are we talking about Airfield?
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    Fisherman's Bay

    So how do you feel about this map after the rework? For me it feels way more static now, going mid is a recipe for getting perma/proxy-spotted and quickly artied to oblivion, while the 1-2 line is easily locked down by a few big alpha TDs camping bush and the city seems hard to push without a decisive advantage in numbers there. So is it one of those maps now where you just wait and hope the enemy will get bored and fuck up before you do? Or is there something else?
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    This took some really hardcore gaming action. When I did this on NA took about 5600 which can a pain in this paper tank.
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    Type 58

    Circle-strafe in this tank is a bucket of fail. Fucking gun cannot depress enough to retrack T29, Tiger, or even a fucking Churchill. Fucking ammo is literally cheap chinese knockoff. Fucking upgraded engine is shittier than stock once you factor in weight of the upgraded turret and gun. It's like I ordered a T-34-85 on ebay and got this lookalike shit-stain instead. FUCK YOU SELLER GO EAT PAINT CHIPS Edit --- If I ever elite this thing: Option 1: Buy T-34-1, lick lead windows. Option 2: Bypass via light tree, yoloswag to victory. Opinions?
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