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    guys like this is why xvm needs to be removed from the game- cthulhu_hunter (7:11:26 PM) nice fuking cheats lt_lolcat (7:19:08 PM) you want the replay? cthulhu_hunter (7:20:30 PM) nope 2 minutes later after i actually take a look at the end game stats to try to find out why this idiot is bothering me- lt_lolcat (7:20:49 PM) lmao, you complain but you actually killed yourself? hahahahahahahah cthulhu_hunter (7:21:04 PM) yep cthulhu_hunter (7:21:16 PM) too fucking rigged cthulhu_hunter (7:21:22 PM) so i noffed myself
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    The scariest thing is the 4 High Calibers. Those games must have been a total shit-show.
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    I meet him in Prokhorovka Battle, in South Team. He just camp behind rock south of cliff as top tier Heavy tank before ramp for 10-12 min before moving himself into open field where 2 enemy bat arty bombard him for 75% of his hp as he sits there for more than minute. Reason he stay in open field is he tried sniping hull down T34
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    Hi, looking forward to using this as a place to learn and improve my game.
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    Thousands of battles over more than 7 years, and still a sub-40% win rate? The worst player on one of the worst teams I've had in ages. I am in awe.
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