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    You cant win the game without shooting the enemy team. Damage is and will always be the most important stat, As with what everyone else said. OP, there are search functions to find what you are looking for, its all been covered years ago. Im locking this thread to prevent you from making more of an ass out of yourself. I also adivse you to not try to suggest people who are doing lots of damage are "trolls" trying to "pad wn8", or you wont last long here.
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    It's 2019 and this guy only complains now? The reason why win rate is weighed much less than damage is because of how common it is to be absolutely useless in any given match and still get carried to victory by good players doing all the heavy lifting. Your one single shot of 200 damage in a Maus and death within 3 minutes of spawn should be and is correctly weighed significantly less than the STB pulling 6k damage out of its ass and carrying your dead weight for a win. Likewise, if that STB was in a platoon with two other good players they will probably still win and likely have an easier time for that matter, but they might only be doing 4k damage each but still carry each other. The opposite is also true, in that it is also very common for bad players lose games that are otherwise very winnable, but because they are absolutely useless they manage to make everybody on their team lose instead. A platoon of 3x SConqs should be able to facetank and kill everything in front of them, but what if they all die at the 4 minute mark doing only 2k damage combined because they drove ass first into the enemy? Suddenly their whole team lose considerable chunks of health and firepower, and in the case that they lose the three retarded SConqs are to be blamed. If they somehow pull a win out of their asses, that's great but the SConqs were still inconsequential because they did absolutely nothing to contribute to the win. It is also right that a 140 that pulled 4k damage before losing (or winning) should be seen as having performed better than the SConqs. This is why damage dealt is a much more useful metric in measuring the performance of a player than win rate. Shitters have always been useless for one reason or another. Before performance metrics they camped to stay alive and avoid repair bills, or wanted to defend arty, or wanted to defend cap before anyone has driven past half the map. Shitters are shitters and will do everything in their power to play as shit as possible, that's why they are called shitters. You want to win more? Git gud and carry harder.
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    FFXIV and a month of sub time is free on twitch prime atm. You don't get the expansions that make it the best currently running MMO, but you do get to roleplay as a horny cat girl.
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    im glad we can still have threads like this in 2019
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    Only via ticket to support which mean pretty high chance because arty shitters hate when someone shit on them.
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    People camp even in Armored Warfare. Against bots in PvE. Don't blame any rating for this. Also what Haswell said about WN8 and WR. I told you this before; just read.
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    How about this? Win rate isn't weighed in the WN8 calculation at all, but instead displayed as its own independent metric alongside with WN8. In other words it's pointless to look at WN8 without also looking at win rate, and vice versa. This is exactly why win rate and WN8 are always shown right next to each other, like how it is right now.
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    Why does it matter? It is extremely easy to spot the people that play like this. It can't affect you unless you let it. And if you let it affect you, whose fault is that? ;thinking_face;
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    if only there was some way to look at win rate separately from wn8
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    This is the problem... DMG is too big of a chunk.--- whatever part of the formula is the largest is the part the trolls will concentrate on. If winning is <10% of the score, then why bother winning./
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    I never mentioned assisted dmg. Don't care. The point is that people DON'T HAVE TO WIN AT ALL TO GET A HIGHER WN8, and thus the current WN8 formula with hardly any weight on winning is flawed. It opens the game up for stat padders. They can simply let the whole team die off sitting in the back knowing they can cleanup the leftovers like a pet at Thanksgiving sitting under the table waiting for scraps. They don't win the game, but they get a few frags and a bunch of damage, which raises their WN8 even though they pissed off the other 80% of the people trying to win the game like they are supposed to.
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    Except for the fact that Wn8 the way it is now encourages players to camp for stats and that affects the other players on the team by taking away a win they might have had. What do you mean "don't let it affect me?"... its not up to me to pick my teammates, MM does that
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    I have no idea how the WN8 formula works, but from what I've heard and found searching the web, it is mostly based on kills and damage dealt. I believe it needs to have win/loss factored in as well, and here's why: Mainly... The servers are full of stat padders that just want to get the best WN8 possible on their tank so they can sell their accounts (illegally) on Ebay and being able to claim they have "purple" stats in order to increase the value of the account being sold. To further these fools economic gain, they simply camp in the game, and don't try to win--- because winning doesn't matter to them. They are just farming damage for their stat padding. Camping almost always causes a loss for the team that is trying to play and have fun---not playing to line their pocket book. Comments?
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