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    Serverwide Tank Statistics now available

    Hello! Serverwide tank statistics are now available. On the front page you will now see an additional box next to the Server Stats with the top 10 tanks in average battles. Clicking the link below the list will take you to the full statistics page where you can sort and filter, as well as see a number of statistics related to the tank. "Complete Tank Statistics" will take you to the full statistics page: I'm still working on expanding this page to show graphs showing player preference by tiers, nations, classes, as well as the server's performance in each. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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    Do not fuck with KV-2. Just don't.
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    That is because a lot of power was demanded by non-main thrusters to maintain orientation and altitude, thrusters facing the ground will always fire. Face the trajectory with FA-off or charge FSD while pointing directly upward should get rid of those excessive heat.
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    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    It's not ignorant. Maps are not designed to handle this type of mobility. But whatever dude, you have fun playing a game with tiny ass vehicles flying 60m everywhere spotting you with zero counterplay because you can't hit them because of how bloom works :^)
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    so the chieftain is just as OP as i thought it would be gg WG
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    This is the problem... DMG is too big of a chunk.--- whatever part of the formula is the largest is the part the trolls will concentrate on. If winning is <10% of the score, then why bother winning./
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    I have no idea how the WN8 formula works, but from what I've heard and found searching the web, it is mostly based on kills and damage dealt. I believe it needs to have win/loss factored in as well, and here's why: Mainly... The servers are full of stat padders that just want to get the best WN8 possible on their tank so they can sell their accounts (illegally) on Ebay and being able to claim they have "purple" stats in order to increase the value of the account being sold. To further these fools economic gain, they simply camp in the game, and don't try to win--- because winning doesn't matter to them. They are just farming damage for their stat padding. Camping almost always causes a loss for the team that is trying to play and have fun---not playing to line their pocket book. Comments?
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