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  1. that broken shit was actually fun to play, unlike the current game.
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  2. can we talk about the fact that Type 4 derp is literally worse than KV-2 derp and O-Ho's derp is straight upgrade to both Types LUL Good tho, the derp should be removed but since thats never gonna happen I guess KV-85 122mm approach (aka keep it but make it total shit so its an idiot bait) is better than nothing. The gun is really shit now, it's arguably worse than full HE E-100 (gun is worse, platform is better). The HESH is total dogshit too, it's basically slightly worse version of Conway 140mm HESH with far worse accuracy at higher tier on a platform that goes 25. As for the 14cm, its
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  3. So I played a few... -Physics vastly improved, no more fear of flipping. -Arty can't drown themselves. -No gold ammo spam. -Shitlords can't snapshot you at 300m due to accuracy decrease; bloom matters a lot more. -Environments are nice and clean instead of cluttered where it's hard to aim and move. -Lower aimtimes across the board feels better. -Can't get gold so there's zero pay to win factor anywhere. -Extremely fast advancement as opposed to painfully long grinds to equip vehicles. -Lack of crew skill variety means no grinding for eternities to h
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  4. Well we have no information that they intend to do that, so on information so far available its just a straight up nerf. ----------------------------------- Circon actually raised a valid point in his rant video, tier 5 and 6 arty is basically OP as all hell and this 'rebalance' completely ignores those tiers. In pen, DPM and damage terms they are proportionally way higher to their tier than the higher tier arty is. The M44 is able to do 550 damage, it can one shot almost all tier 5 TDs, lights and mediums, in some cases with lowe roles, but the T92 is not able to
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  5. I can't help but see this as an attempt to try to contrast the old game with the new to remind every one of all the improvements they have made. The problem is so many of the improvements weren't improvements. The old physics where you were stuck to the ground were actually way better for gameplay because while they weren't realistic you also didn't have to constantly worry about flipping, falling, suicide bombers, or some fuck on your own team shoving you into water. 1.0 looked nice graphically but smoothing terrain made flipping even worse, while all the new eye candy crap littering the maps
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  6. Even removing arty from this game wouldn't ever bring me back to play it
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  7. aww deus beat me to it
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  8. Sooo. Stop playing the Conway then?
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