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    Sniping Positions

    I'm enjoying this. He does have some very high end dmg games, but 0 consistency. I guess this is how bobs get 260s lol Please continue.
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    Tier 10 medium tank rebalance

    I see it as a good thing that the proposed nerfs failed, since they took the approach of making the 430 and 430U frustrating to play and didn't actually change how frustrating they were to play against. Their statistics almost certainly reflected that.
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    FCM 50t love thread

    I forget all the buffs but I think they did buff the gun handling a bit, DPM and also gave the engine more power. However, it is still a bad tank. It's huge with paper armor and a gun that does little damage per shot. There are so many other premium tier 8 tanks that are much better and I know FCM gets preferential match making but still, it's just a bad tank.
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