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    Done did it!!! After watching a few games of people being a boss in the E4, finished T-55 TD15 (albeit, without Honors, which I will chase). 6,313 damage, 2 kills on Westfield, which I call the Harry Potter map (train, castle in the top left, looks like Hogsmeade village). 3/3 females in the Kranv & Udes 16. WEeeeeee
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    Yeh all issues. T67s, many of the tier 4 TDs, and the derp guns are all problematic at those tiers IMO, the HP boost will help the one shots, as it'll be less easy to do it, but you are also buffing those tanks up as well. And yeh Circon had a rant about the arty, many of the arties on tier 5 and 6 are not just broken, they are just flat out OP, if you look at their pen, DPM and alpha compared to the HP and armour of the vehicles they face, and then the same at higher tiers, you'll see their alpha, DPM and pen is way way too high. Like T92 has 60 pen and 1300 damage, even with a pen it'll struggle to one shot even many tier 8 tanks and the pen means aside from complete paper tanks like the Grille, most meds, heavies etc. in the sides/front/hull roofs it won't pen. It then has just 1600 DPM anyway, even if it pens, so realistically it can maybe take like half the HP of a tier 10 tank every minute if its lucky. Then the M41 HMC, it has 550 alpha on tier 5, so it is able to one shot most tier 5 meds, almost all tier 5 TDs and lights, and high roll on some of the heavies I think, plus it has 38mm pen, which means loads of tanks can be penned, and then it has a 24s reload, so it can pretty much one shot two tier 5 meds every minute and is more likely to do so because of the pen. It's literally 3-4 times more effective than the tier 10 arty. It baffles me WG have just ignored it, Grille, M41, M44, Hummel, Su-122A (600 alpha of tier 5 FFS) etc. are just stupid and ruin the mid tier experience, completely easy to play and very dominant. Pretty much all of them make players over perform, especially average or below ones.
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    I found it to be great for FL. Abuse the camo and superb gun handling (not running vstab. I have rammer, vents, optics), as of now it's my main damage dealer in the mode. Especially since I get focused a lot when playing the progetto. This thing slips unnoticed almost everywhere, it's tiny so hard to hit, good camo and view range so you can bushwank next to a cap and farm assisted damage. It's ass for randoms though, too many corridors and too much armour to deal with.
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    The 3-mark Thread

    Played it on a press account once, really missed it ever since. Thanks black market, 59 battles only, fun.
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    Supertest - HP buffs for tiers I to VI

    After playing tier 7-9 for a long time I've played a few tier 5 games recently. Sure, lack of HP is a problem there, but increasing those doesn't address some of the biggest bugbears down there. The biggest things WG needs to deal with are, IMO: 1) Massively OP arty. If they only hit next to you for half your HP you are a lucky dog. I've been one-shotted twice in a PZ IV by that disgusting USA clicker. The rate of fire and penetration is wildly stupid. Compare the pen of arty vs armor on same tier meds for low tier arty and high tier arty. Penning people happens all the time in the low tiers but fairly rarely in the high tier games. Fix that shit. 2) Derp guns. I'm guilty here, I've been playing the PZIV. But they really are a scourge for new players. Old hands know how to deal with them, mostly, but you can still get caught out and penned. 3) A handful of OP vehicles. Those are easy to spot when you have XVM and can see how many battles players have in the vehicle. You can spot the seal clubbers from a mile away with hundreds or thousands of games in their T67s, Type 64s and the rest of it. Just nerf those tanks a little and you'll create a more balanced playing field. People will still club seals with better crew, fully equipped tanks and better understanding of the game mechanics but don't give them OP vehicles to make it even worse.
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    Short answer: Yes. It was really easy to get satisfaction out of WoT in the beginning, but it got harder and harder. Winning ESL games and playing WoT in a proper competitive setting with casting scratched that same itch pretty well when there was some real life consequences of your performance. The pressure wasn't all good though, just as you got those same highs from winning organised games, as the losses beat you up worse than normal. After a bit of much needed insight I realised I wasn't really enjoying winning anymore, I was just addicted to it. I've always been. It wasn't actually WoT I liked either after a while, I just liked being good which is why I struggled so much with quitting. I don't get anywhere near as much fun out of anything competitive as I used to, as WoT's kinda done a number on me there. It's still very engaging though. I enjoy pushing myself instead because that's a source of feel-good that'll never run out as I really do enjoy noticing myself improve. The click moments are my pleasures. Long answer: (read short answer first though)
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    Tier 10 medium tank rebalance

    Meanwhile the Object 430 and 430U:
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    I need a new game

    CV's finally broke me... got rid of every ship, clan and captian in WoWs. I couldn't watch them slowly murder a game i had enjoyed for 4 years.. So i need something new, not sure about Warthunder, there naval content is getting better (and bigger) but its Gaijin, any other WG style game with tiers and shit that could be good ?
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    SOOOOOO, you like to pay money for something that will have portions of it taken away from you? Just another way of wg ripping it's players off.
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    I need a new game

    "Left hell when I realized it was that bad and probably getting worse but I don't think going down deeper by joining a Gaijin ent game. But I want something pretty close to return to WG style crap game with poor quality devs out to milk every penny out of us that it can in the very limited span of time that they run the game."
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