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    Sandbox: Ammo and Health Changes

    Sandbox changes are focusing on the symptom, not the problem. I think the rework of the ammo is fixing a symptom of the problem instead of the cause of the problem. What Wargaming is doing by changing special/gold ammo is the equivalent of shoving gauze up the nose of someone who is bleeding and dying out from a hemorrhagic disease. The issue isn't gold/premium/special rounds. The issue is map design, lack of real weak spots on many tanks, and RNG. Wargaming loves corridor maps that make players fight frontally. How many of their maps are two corridors that promote frontal engagements with an area in between that is a death zone for most tanks? How many tanks/TDs have little to no frontal weak spots? How many of them have weak spots that can be easily penetrated by standard ammo of the lower tier tanks they face? How many times in a row have you fully aimed a shot at the weak spot of a stationary tank and have RNG send the shot too low or too high or too far too the side several times in a row? How many times in a row have you fully aimed a shot at the weak spot of a stationary tank and have a low penetration RNG roll that caused the shot to bounce off a weak spot. Before attempting any changes to ammo, they need to fix the other areas first. Wargaming is fixing the symptom, not the problem. Personally, I think Wargaming should change RNG to +/- 15% for damage and penetration. WoT Blitz has 15% RNG if I remember correctly from playing it before. In addition to that, many maps need some rework to allow more flanking opportunities. With the current design of most maps your flanking choices are to go to another corridor to fight tanks frontally just as you were before, or crossing into an open area where most players get spotted easily and die quickly. Tanks also need weak spots that can actually be hit and penetrated by lower tier tanks. I'm not saying every tank needs large weak spots that every tank 2 tiers lower can easily hit and pen at 200+ meters. However, the weak spots of many higher tier tanks are small enough that when you are less than 100 meters away, your aim circle is 2 to 4 times the area of the weak spot. Regularly having fully aimed shots at a tank's weak spots miss at under 100 meters because the weak spots are so small they can't easily be hit is a problem. Skill in learning weak spots and aiming for them is negated by RNG in many circumstances. It also works the other way. There are tanks that have been relegated to being useless after nerfs or changes because their weak spots are so large and easy to hit. The T110E5 is one example of this. Before touching gold/special ammo, Wargaming should look at the other major issues with the game with map design, armor, and RNG. The changes on sandbox are an over complicated way of fixing a symptom of the real problems.
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    Sandbox: Ammo and Health Changes

    6k dpg the new 5k dpg
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    Sandbox: Ammo and Health Changes

    Thinking about it. All stats ranking systems are pretty much fucked when this goes live. Around 30% more HP in the game across the board. All old dmg based stats become irrelevant. ^^
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    Sandbox: Ammo and Health Changes

    They apparently replaced Murazor with Rube Goldberg as their head of balance. Just what the game needs - even higher alpha for TDs like the JPZ and 4005 to nuke tier 8s with.
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    Sandbox: Ammo and Health Changes

    Ok just to get this right. instead of just nerfing the alpha of gold rounds they buffed the hp of all tanks and the alpha of normal shells.
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    Ranked Battles 2019 Edition

    Kviki Bejbi raging https://clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicRealEndiveDancingBanana?fbclid=IwAR20Pj8-Z7iCFnbj8RmdK1_2kfIy0cDkZakYb_UyO1b5ijU0w0mx41VYBfs
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    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yt4uvmde5uqt5gr/AACIgwLSx_kpVAx3PSiZpQiga?dl=0 replay links for the ppl who want to use those instead, nothing's muted but a lot of people don't like my music choices also the odd grille/pz7/tvp game in there while bc dead session stats but some games are missing, they're probably around average tho (from bottom to top in order) this was a bit more focus on spotting in general, honestly the bc is just so incredibly bad at dealing damage reliably that i actually think the best way to play it is like a light with an mt hp pool much to my frustration there were so many fv183s out today after the black market sale and i haven't played in pretty long so i decided to just power through it anyway despite getting penned by just a ridiculous amount of them
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    Europa Universalis IV

    Well.......I made it with 25 years to spare. And only months after that, all settled provinces were of the proper faith: I formed the Roman Empire at the very end just for the achievements. It made sense to conqueror Rome and the rest of Europe very late because it was mostly in the right religion. The last couple decades I pretty much had a war going at all times so that I was ready to peace out as soon as cores completed. I forced vassals a few times when I didn't have the time to core the conquests and I didn't feel like trying to conquer that land again. The best was when the Danes decided to attack Sweden while I was killing them. I made Sweden a vassal which put me at war with Denmark which I immediately crushed and returned 9 cores to Sweden. So Sweden immediately loved me and faithful kept a stack running around doing my bidding. All in all I rather enjoyed this run. I thought the World Conquest would be far too tedious for me but I rather enjoyed it overall. A few of the "siege 20 level 8 forts" wars were not very fun, but then you take most of those forts and the next war is far easier. The One Faith achievement was also fun to do. Now, to figure out what the next campaign will be....
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