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    What the fuck have I just read?
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    I need to go get some eye drops now
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    Only 4 tanks left to research !!! About 740,000 total XP left
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    Sandbox: Ammo and Health Changes

    Sandbox changes are focusing on the symptom, not the problem. I think the rework of the ammo is fixing a symptom of the problem instead of the cause of the problem. What Wargaming is doing by changing special/gold ammo is the equivalent of shoving gauze up the nose of someone who is bleeding and dying out from a hemorrhagic disease. The issue isn't gold/premium/special rounds. The issue is map design, lack of real weak spots on many tanks, and RNG. Wargaming loves corridor maps that make players fight frontally. How many of their maps are two corridors that promote frontal engagements with an area in between that is a death zone for most tanks? How many tanks/TDs have little to no frontal weak spots? How many of them have weak spots that can be easily penetrated by standard ammo of the lower tier tanks they face? How many times in a row have you fully aimed a shot at the weak spot of a stationary tank and have RNG send the shot too low or too high or too far too the side several times in a row? How many times in a row have you fully aimed a shot at the weak spot of a stationary tank and have a low penetration RNG roll that caused the shot to bounce off a weak spot. Before attempting any changes to ammo, they need to fix the other areas first. Wargaming is fixing the symptom, not the problem. Personally, I think Wargaming should change RNG to +/- 15% for damage and penetration. WoT Blitz has 15% RNG if I remember correctly from playing it before. In addition to that, many maps need some rework to allow more flanking opportunities. With the current design of most maps your flanking choices are to go to another corridor to fight tanks frontally just as you were before, or crossing into an open area where most players get spotted easily and die quickly. Tanks also need weak spots that can actually be hit and penetrated by lower tier tanks. I'm not saying every tank needs large weak spots that every tank 2 tiers lower can easily hit and pen at 200+ meters. However, the weak spots of many higher tier tanks are small enough that when you are less than 100 meters away, your aim circle is 2 to 4 times the area of the weak spot. Regularly having fully aimed shots at a tank's weak spots miss at under 100 meters because the weak spots are so small they can't easily be hit is a problem. Skill in learning weak spots and aiming for them is negated by RNG in many circumstances. It also works the other way. There are tanks that have been relegated to being useless after nerfs or changes because their weak spots are so large and easy to hit. The T110E5 is one example of this. Before touching gold/special ammo, Wargaming should look at the other major issues with the game with map design, armor, and RNG. The changes on sandbox are an over complicated way of fixing a symptom of the real problems.
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    Sandbox: Ammo and Health Changes

    Hp is going from about 16% - 29%. But alpha is going up from 32% to 43%. So things are actually going to die faster, especially anything that is easily penned by standard ammo, i.e paper meds, lights and tds. Its why many of the big alpha TDs have gone from low chance of two shoting a lot of things they face to like two shoting more things they face reliably. Like most tier 9 meds will now be two shot reliably by the old 750 alpha TDs, whereas before those TDs needed high rolls. Why they are tying alpha increase to calibre is beyond me, it should be related to armour, because if you don't have any armour, you don't care about prem rounds and everything is now killing you faster, but in reality you can't now kill heavily armoured stuff as easily because your prem rounds are nerfed. So a Maus vs tier 8, or Type 5 vs Leo 1, has gone more in the favour of the super heavies, because the former has more health and more alpha now with standard rounds, but the latter has no armour so gets penned by the increased alpha standard rounds, but either has to bounce lots of their standard rounds back, or has to use their lower alpha/DPM premium rounds back, so either way will take longer to kill the super heavy, whilst the super heavy kills them faster. GG great balance there. Oh and I think I do know why, they are trying to keep the DPM differences the same, for example if you look at E100 and Leo, with their buffed alphas of 1060 and 525 on their standard rounds, the DPM difference has stayed at 458 as it is now between the two when they have 750 and 390, except when everything has more health that 458 DPM advantage is actually less beneficial because its less of all the targets HP (if that makes sense)
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    Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

    Use your mobility to impact the map. Contest early game valued areas, rotate to pressure advantages (almost always better than to reinforce weaknesses), and your camo on the move to gather as much information as possible for you. (Your team doesnt make use of it)
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    Sandbox: Ammo and Health Changes

    I have a theory WOT started off with features that already tend towards 'corridor' gameplay. The accuracy system is just there to reduce the probability of hits at long range, so you are forced to get closer. In that they have succeeded. Because of WarGays insistence on accessibility, they made driving and shooting tanks too easy, and as a result, factors (including battlefield size) that inhibited a tanks ability to turn the battle into a campfest, barely exist. Like for instance, shooting range, and manually accounting for bullet drop. This results in a very heavy reliance on hard and soft cover. The accuracy system is the way it so, so that long ranged shots are inhibited, to prevent everyone from dying. Vision meta used to be... OP (like 2011/2012). That is, if you had enough vision, because on the relatively open maps, getting spotted just meant you were fucked, though presuming the enemy spotted had support, which in WOT is not really a thing. Also because Wargay fucked with how bullets behave against angled armor, ingame armor is much more easily shot open. So you die easier in WOT than IRL for some strange reason. For instance. At 60* from vertical, WOT effectiveness is ~1.7x. IRL, it exceeds 2.5x, and it rockets upwards past 30. So ingame, Type 59 UFP is 'just' 170mm. But IRL even 20 pdr gold ammo won't pen that shit. Head on. Past 25 degrees and you are almost certain to smash full cal AP. APDS is even worse. This means you have to rely on buildings and stuff, hills, etc. Even smoke grenades won't help the fundamental issues. Sure in the context of WOT it can become better, but traditionally, WOT relies on clutter to make armor reliant tanks relevant. Most of which they fucked in the first place because armor mechanics. The reason Soviet meds like Object 140 which historically relied on angles to push their armor stats up to the max are fast, I think also is part of this. To begin with, they don't (realistically) have bad guns. D-10T will slay a 190 ton tank, a Maus with AP ammo through the turret front. The tank its on is like 36 tons empty. D-25T is about the same. A D-54 is the gun that can shoot up a Chieftains precious turret with standard AP... L7 is weaker than all of the above. I won't need to go into more detail I think. So much inaccuracy is there to reduce the impact of weakspots, so that armor is strong, and now Wargay is trying to remove weakspots wholesale and make it something closer to a fantasy MMO. Yeah, futility is fun amirite? I am not sure if Unis know there is a real solution to WOT's "design problems", maybe you do. At first it was kind of not really OK because of the lack of alpha, but it also kind of was not OK because there was not really a counterplay once you got yourself into a bad place and some fuckers decided to preaim that spot until you die or they die. It kind of worked before, mostly because you guys are smart (ingame), and the enemies are pretty stupid for the most part (again ingame), but your ability to club nubs in the first place is really disproportionate. So it is not really a valid sample. That is, your opinions are valid, but your 'complaints' won't align with bad player complaints. Though theirs are already invalid for the reason that they are bad. But it kind of shows in the pre-req's. A good crew, a premium tank, premium time to accelerate all progress, armor is not that meta except for in corridor maps, etc. Then talking about the really bad maps, and such. Making the map larger is still viable, but then slow tanks are too slow. So you want to spawn them closer, but that still does not work, they lack too much flex and can't react, they need an open space, which you have been actively removing by compressing map and adding more lanes which are immediately viable for flank in a given situation. Though that is presuming advantage spawning, if everyone spawn closer that's an interesting possibility. Making the corners open fields still does not work, because then its useless space where no one goes. Though, the idea of making spawns closer so that the heavier tanks don't have to move as much kind of works? Now you could say, "well its just the retarded Maus, E-100, formerly weaksauce tortoise and stupid proof T95 etc, just shaft em". Though you can just cap which is another thing... Well it all depends anyways. Then caps would have to be some kind of defensible fortress because the enemies would just be able to overwhelm you, and you'd have to shorten TTK to increase impact of terrain (in the many vs few) advantage to make them viable, and given that its a corridor meta that might have a positive impact provided its not based on alpha. The map itself can be more compact and waste less space to add more flanking areas but there is only so much you can do... It is perhaps ideal to make the maps have more depth to them then, perhaps underground? IDK, whatever. That is really strange but it has the potential to work. Maybe just add subways to many maps... Anyway, good luck with your open maps. But it's just a theory, and I'm a blue. So its not worth much. Just wanted to share. Pls no downvote. Lol I already have only +1. In WOTB penetration RNG reduced to +/- 15%, however, penetration skin indicator relies on 50% not 67% penetration probability, and does not account for auto pen or auto bounce. T110E5's cupola issue could be mitigated by buffing the accuracy & or aim time. TBH there has not been a time when WarGay neglected to fuck with historical accuracy. For instance, the German line, to give them any valid tier 9's, and more than 1 or 2 tier X lines. Or reality, like how bullets interact with armor, resulting in a 'rip angled armor' situation, and allowing gold spam to be a real problem.
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