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  1. The marks are distorted due to update 1.5. 6 Tier 8 TD left and all Tier 8 TD will be complete.
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  2. TerraSpecOp


    Hi from Austria! Let me say, i made all possible mistakes in Wot before i visited Wotlabs :-)) Want to share my experience and my skills in tactics and writing with the wot labs community as active contributor. Espacially the tank guides and the articles section are very useful. Hope we can write some new content there. Greetings and best wishes, Ernst
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  3. Ezz

    T54E2 Tier 8 Premium Heavy

    Given wg and that it's a prem there's also a chance the cupola will be 250 effective....
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  4. I can't wait. Alternatively it could be the Apocalypse. I've spent sooooo many hours on RA2 Or they played Red Alert.
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  5. canadiantrex

    ST-ii the Reckoning

    Command & Conquer intensifies
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  6. Va1heru

    The 3-mark Thread

    Man Ive missed a few, here goes: VK
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  7. My biggest issue with TDs is that many of them have unremarkable mobility. I'd much rather have to carry a game in my Cromwell than in for example my S35CA. TDs definitely have the edge over mediums when on the defensive, but they are (with exceptions) not good on the offensive. A medium is capable of both offensive and defensive work, with better average mobility to boot.
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