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    Kampfpanzer 50 t (tier 9 MT)

    2.3k base DPM for 320 alpha on tier 9 is pretty crap to be honest. AMX 30 has 2.8k base and Patton 2.7k base and that is with 390 alpha as well. ----------------------------------------- Overall it looks nice, some good points, some bad points, but I think it'll depend on that turret armour, how much is 250mm, how far it goes back (40mm side turret armour is a worry if you can see it from the front) and how well rounded it is. If you can get the sort of bouncing a Cent 7/1 gets, then that will be a pretty decent tank. Like a hybrid of a Cent 7/1 and AMX 30. On initial stats I am happier I put more effort into ranked than I have Frontlines. I also think it looks alight, they just obviously haven't rendered it.
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    Yeah we pretty much have the same skills, although i did take Adrenaline Rush for no reason at all. At this point I have all the skills I need. Now speaking of the lack of gifs in this thread....
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