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    Whee, realised I finally saved up enough bonds for a second piece of improved equipment for my T49 (improved optics). Now a long grind to go for that third piece...
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    I'm honestly amazed people are still playing this game, I come back every so often to see whats happening. I mean look at yourselves, you are obviously talking and thinking about these changes far more than the people hired to do the job, that should seriously tell you something about whoever is at the wheel of this game.
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    all great news, but now its a matter how fucking long it all will take to happen
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    Thank Fucking God. I actually legitimately liked the Panther 88 back in the day, but now 203 pen isn’t even that good for its class and its DPM schtick isn’t even special anymore.
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    Yeah it is a german community thing I guess. We have this, what´s called "Community Stammtisch" once every 1-2 months. Simply put. A german WG Employee sits with some people from the community in a TS channel and we talk about stuff for 2-3 hours. And the rebalance of the german techtree is a hot topic. (who would have guessed :P). One statement was, if i can remember it correctly, they have a special plan for the heavy tree. Now after the US Kingtiger and the release of this tank. For me it is clear what the plan is. btw. A rebalance of the E50 line is coming as well. Including the Panther 88.
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    Armor balance started going out the window when WG changed the armor penetration reticle to account for the angle of armor. You just can't effectively bait shots anymore because any player aiming at you has a real-time estimate on whether or not their shell will pen.
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    I guess the Germans getting a tier 8 premium M48 is appropriate payback for the Americans getting the tier 7 King Tiger.
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    Guide to 3 Marks of Excellence

    Some additions and corrections to the math part since I've been playing around with moe data for a bit: The "speculative" formula you mentioned is actually correct, it reproduces the numbers accurately every time (feel free to check for yourself). This means the EMA works like this: Each tank starts with EMA=0 and after each game about 1/50th (2/101 to be exact) of the difference between combined damage of that game and the current EMA are added to the EMA. The correct formula is (taken from Crabs thread): EMAi = EMAi-1 + K*(DAMAGEi – EMAi-1) • DAMAGEi = (Dealt by player in battle) + ( maximum damage by tracking or by spotting) - (team-damage caused to allies in battle) • k = 2 / (N +1) • N = 100 Some examples: Say you have an EMA of 1000 and get a 2000 combined game, your EMA after that game will be 1000+(2000-1000)*2/101=1019.8=~1020. Or you have an EMA of 4000 and get clicked before getting a shot off, your new EMA will be 4000+(0-4000)*2/101=3920.8=~3921. Your current EMA can be checked with Aimdrol's Replay Analyzer, just make sure the "Moving average damage" column is active in the settings and load in your replays. That way you'll know exactly how much you need to do to improve your percentage The article also gets one thing very wrong, it says that the moe percentage is just the percentage of that top damage value, but per my findings it actually isn't! There should be a straight line when comparing EMA with MoE percentage, but there isn't. Here's my data for the Skoda T 24 As you can see it gets a lot flatter above about 80% which is why it's so much slower to improve in the higher percentages. Another small tip is to keep track of your spotting and tracking damage throughout the game. If you have 3k spotting and no tracking it will be worth going for the damaging shot after all since the tracking won't help your EMA unless you get it above 3k.
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