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    haha yes very good

    haha yes very good
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    British light tanks are vomit.

    To say it plainly, the Brit upcoming light tanks are being hurled out, out the mouth that is. And as such, are plainly just that, vomit. I read through the supertest British LT thread, but I want to talk more about my dislike, and alot of things very wrong. Senlac is definitely the best British light tank, surprise surprise surprise being a premium. The most noticeable upgrades, are clearly ammunition storage and DPM. But as a light tank, is Senlac good? Well if it were compared against a mid-range light tank like WZ132 or crap shoots like T92 and HK12, then yes Senlac isn't just average anymore - it is good. But would l rather drive this, than M41GF? HK3O? M41D? LT42? EBR75? Certainly not........Bad? Nope. Good? l think it is fine, like WZ132. Certainly better than Bat Chat 12T, HK12. A notch over average, l say. The problems are the light tanks, in the tech tree. They are abysmally bad. Low DPM, low ammo count, extremely weird parameters - these tanks just seem off. Retarded tech tree too. And some of the most retarded naming and nomenclature is getting used for the British, quite unlike how their tanks usually are (and have stuff) named. This seems just rushed, like WZ TD line. Made to be rushed, bad, and covered up by hush-hush, WG is pretty good for sending the stupid subliminal messages the game is balanced still. While they release object 277 line, retardo buff obj 26O, / 279E, or remove object 43OU nerfs. Da, comrade. Tier 7 Setter seems like it would be alright, even with that bad DPM, because of the strong gun performance. Velocity, aim-time, accuracy, penetration. But the tank gets turned into a shitter, by awful gun soft control, low ammo count, l would expect at least 38OVR. No idea behind the thinking of 135 DPS, since the low DPM, should be at least 15O. Tier 8 TV tank is definitely retarded. Gun soft stats and control, can be ignored (lesser ignore) low tiers, because of how lowly competition is down in tiers, but high tier bad gun stats......lol. Especially for a light tank, medium tank quality gun control. German Panzer Wagon accuracy, aim-time, shell velocity - while nice, how well does that serve that tank with ultra competitive tier and bad comparable gun dispersion. lol. The problem all over again. Bad ammo count of course, terrible un elevation syndrome like french LT AMX tanks, especially backwards. Absolutely retarded naming convention. Since when do british use an ultra metric 85mm gun naming convention. Wth? Chieftain probably laughing how retarded that is. lt is a 2O pdr. And.....give the senlac 83mm 2O pdr but without the 2O pdr stats, instead using tier 4 25 pdr stats (an 87mm) then proceed with giving the TV tank actual 2O pdr stats with an 83mm, but call it an 85mm. Retarded. Does LTTB have an ultra retarded gun compared to LT42? Well, they are both 85mm. And yes, one is clearly better, but they aren't wildly dissimilar, and completely retarded. TV tank and Senlac are however, very retarded. Tier 9 AVR FS actually improves gun elevation dramatically. No problems like tier 8, or French AMX LT. However, alot of the other retarded disservices remain. Terrible DPM, terrible shell count. Going on about retarded nomenclature, identification, usage though......9Omm cockerill is a low pressure HEAT firing weapon. So WG went on and decided to give it high velocity APCR rounds instead. WG just makes me laugh. Really, the Chieftain needs to read into what they do. He would laugh too. The gold round, should be 28Omm penetration HEAT. Things get worse with the manticore. Loses the gun depression. Loses gun elevation. Soft fire control becomes even worse, than the already bad it was before. Bad shell count of course. Seriously, like AMX LT tanks carry so few rounds, these things carry even less, lol. What does WG expect from its players, if not complaining about this line. Why give it high performance AP, than neuter the premium shell? Neuther the DPM, worse than an autoloader or armoured car. lol. Prem round needs +2Omm pen to 288. At least they gave it high pen HE, like an E5OM, which is different than the tiers 7-8-9. A decent 13% peer HE pen increase, nothing notable but okay. Definitely not the quite high pen on HE like Senlac. Verdict:::: Retarded. Worst in class, terrible by-tier vehicles. ls this bad? Well, WG has provided themselves plenty of room to move up, with buffs. And starting out bad, and being buffed to good, is definitely better than mega release obj 268V4 or WZ5A / 277. Problem is........WG doesn't like Englanders. They took forever to buff British Heavy, TD, med lines. And have since fallen hard on FV4K5 (while not touching 43OU) just a bad omen. l just think they should settle on at least bad, some late common test improvements (last minute T92 stuff) not on retarded. These are full retard. l would rather play my Fochs 155, or obj 268, or grind out my STl and buy lS4 - l said it an obj 268, than play pieces of shit like these. Why work for a bad WZ132-1, when -1 is already bad as is.
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    Sick drift, dude Apparently I was making a habit of deleting Ru251's tonight, have some nice round numbers
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