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    I’m pretty sure @CarbonWard was running two repair kits back when they were single use. So, I don’t think it’s best anymore.
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    imagine being able to block 3 maps and using it to block three of the better maps in the game
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    You like 25% breadth of RNG? You like constantly being screwed over as bottom tier? You have 8,3OO tier 8 battles. l wouldn't want myself buried at the bottom against tier X tanks that many times. l don't fore you to read my posts, spaz. And l certainly don't force any sense out of you, regardless of what little you have. That is that. l mean, for someone to play 75O battles in an LeFH? l can expect you to say something like that. This entire thread is a gripe, over many certain things about the game. Not just mine.
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