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    Hi everyone!

    >tfw you get lost on the way to tinder so badly you somehow end up on wotlabs And I thought my sense of direction was bad lul
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    Grinding my smurf referral account on the SA server is a superior PVE experience to Homefront.
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    Homefront - PvE mode

    Epic grind: check For negligible reward: check Tedious gameplay: check Shit falling from the sky: check Everything seems to be in order.
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    Homefront - PvE mode

    What H4NI said. Also grinding without spending some gold is insane, you literally have to play every single day, for the max amount of battles, for both fronts, and not be the last shitter, to have a chance to win stuff. Or, you know, you could drop 15k gold and upgrade everything to level 3 and only focus on those 4k points to grind (which still takes some dedication). I guess i'll wait for the next ranked event.
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    Stop trying to make excuses for tier 4, 5 and arty, it's all shit and we all know it. You're both trying to polish a turd here, doesn't matter how much you polish it, it's still a piece of shit.
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