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    I'm not shedding a tear for the type 5. I was observing that WG does nerf tanks and doesn't seem to mind nerfing some tanks into oblivion. I suppose WG's definition of over or under performing is flexible. P.S. Should I make my p0st longer with drivel. I feel that the thing is to make l0ng pointless p0sts and nob0dy reads.
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    Tanks gg and models used

    Why does your "I" key work here?
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    Madner Kami

    British light tanks are vomit.

    Variant A) You get your ammo rack blown up. Variant B) While circle-strafing the Manticore, and laughing your ass off, you drive off a cliff.
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    British light tanks are vomit.

    I'm sitting here looking at stats trying to figure a way that I could lose a 1 v 1 to a Manticore in my Cromwell B . . .
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    Now the entire Object 268 family is done!
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