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    I'll save every one some trouble: if WG did manipulate the MM there's no way you'd ever know unless they did it so badly it was obvious to everyone. The amount of confounding variables and the sheer variety of ways in which they could manipulate the MM to get the result they want make it impossible without literally running a statistical experiment involving thousands and thousand of test games. If they did it in a way to cover their tracks even that wouldn't prove anything. They could tweak your win rate a few percentage points easy and there would be no way to know.
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    WoT matchmaker conspiracy theory

    Yes WG proposed multiple versions of the MM in the patent, and actually if you read it, the 'manipulation' bit that all the tinfoil hat people jump on is very very minor, its a proposal to basically give you slightly easier MM if you have lost a lot or harder MM if you have won a lot in a row. Which is actually the opposite of what rigged-MM complainers claim is happening, they claim WG is making them lose and they have all these loss streaks, but actually according to the patent the game should be giving them easier MM if they are having loss streaks, but clearly isn't. The majority of the patent talks about vehicle weighting and tiers and using that to create challenges and easier times for players, which is pretty obvious, get top tier stomp people, get bottom tier get stomped by people, which creates enough replayability and 'challenge' on its own. I'd also presume the guy worked at WG NA yeh? Even if that was true, what does NA know about the intricate details of how the game works, that is all done in Minsk, none of the regional offices deal with development so how would he know anyway, he was likely some community manager or something. As said above we have people who have pushed like 70% solo win rates and have had 20 plus game win streaks, so it honestly makes nonsense of claims its trying to normalise win rates.
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    So a 15k light year trip where I FSS all systems and surface scan all Earth-liked world and Terraformable Water world, back to back given me a profit of 280mil, just enough to rocket from Pathfinder to Elite.
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    Exactly 3 months after I last login, 15,007 light years away now I am half way back to my garage, possibly adding new modules and make credits to prepare fleet carrier, 8*C3 4*C2 4*C1 can almost haul my entire collection away.
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