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    This got to me eventually too. WG's map design philosophy changed (or just became more apparent) in 2014 or so to accommodate the idea that every class should have one specific flank on the map. It's so boring, and once WG finished their map transition with 1.0, all the fun was sucked out of the game for me. I was tired of doing the same thing every single game because it was so optimal that I might as well not have clicked battle if I tried otherwise. I could go on forever about everything that went wrong, but at the end of the day it's just Wargaming's soulless take on game design that finally did the game in. They've been trying to squeeze the game dry since the day it released, but at least for those first few years they didn't know how. It just took them a few more years to implement everything on their checklist.
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    This is exactly how I feel and yes fuck the 1.0 map changes. Every previously usable area is now covered by some shitty TD hill or bush that's so obvious, yet you have no choice. I despise probably 97% of the maps in the game and it's probably my biggest problem with the game. All the other shit aside, if I had an option on where to actually go I would enjoy the game 10x more.
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    The game is routine. After all these years spent, maps seems too much position/route based - routes a.k.a heavies usually go there, meds there and whatnot tanks here. After accidentally watching skill4ltu video, it just kicked in my head once again. Dont know why, but deeply in my heart I want to compare WoT to BF3 (BF3 just because I spent dont know how many hours there) specifically in this matter. Yes, BF3 is totally different game. It repeats maps too, but it had this freedom of movement. There was very little limitations. I could just go and shoot other players and have fun and not worry about some XP as much. But once again, its just completely different game.
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